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Our Multicultural School

Multicultural resources abound at this site, operated and maintained by professors at the University of Virginia. The goal is to provide educators, students, and activists the resources that they need to explore and discuss multicultural education. In addition to the many articles and activities, you will also find forums, billboards, and lists that deal with multiculturalism. There is also a poetry journal, a multicultural song index, and reviews of documentary films with multicultural themes.

BBC has a wonderful online presentation that relates to the history of multiculturalism. Through the information presented you will learn about the experiences different cultures and communities have had in history and about some of the great cultural leaders of all time. Several cultures are explored including African American history, Asian history, and Jewish history. This site provides you with a unique learning experience in the cultural development of these communities. A few external site links are included if you wish to explore the material further.

Anyone interested in learning or teaching others about different cultures around the world will find this web site interesting. Check out the numerous virtual picture books and enjoy reading about some of the unique stories of cultures from across the globe. These stories have bright and colorful illustrations that make reading them exciting and fun. Throughout the site you will find collections of excellent web resources that will teach you more about multicultural issues. The site can be viewed in English, Spanish, and French.

You can have fun learning about other cultures around the world with this fun online multicultural dictionary. Learn all about what the dictionary has to offer its readers and what can be found within its contents through the short introduction. Then using the menu on the left side of the screen begin your exciting learning adventure by choosing from the many cultural topics found in the dictionary. If you are a frequent visitor to the site you may want to check out the "What's New" section to learn about site updates and new information.

Information about more than fifty different countries is available by simply clicking on the flag of that country and reading the essays and articles written by English as a Second Language and bilingual students, along with parents and teachers. You can also learn more about each country, with maps and statistical information about history, government, economy and the people of each country. The site is updated with new content often, so you might want to stop in every once in a while to see if there's anything new!


Causes and consequences of prejudice are illustrated at this remarkable web site. With more than 2,000 links to resources, as well as hundreds of articles, the information here covers many issues dealing with prejudice. Start with the exercises and demonstrations to explore your own thoughts on prejudice. It is suggested that you begin with a baseline survey. See a slide show of advertisements that involve prejudice and discrimination, find out what some of our presidents thought about slavery, and discover what you know about Native American history.


Learn to celebrate the ways that people are different at this site that explains the importance of diversity and respect, as well as the dangers of prejudice. Diversity means a variety of different things. When a society has diversity, it means that there are a lot of different types of people offering different types of ideas. Racism and prejudice happen when one group of people doesn't like another group of people just because of the color of their skin or their religion. You'll learn why respecting other people and accepting those differences is a better way to live.