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Mrs. Edgell

8th Grade English 

My name is Ashley Edgell and I teach Eighth grade English.  I love the English language and I love teaching my students to appreciate it and use it to its maximum potential. I enjoy reading novels and I love to discuss them with my students.  Recommendations Welcome!! smiley I am a graduate of Fairmont State University with a Bachelors in Secondary English Education with a Minor in Journalism. I have two wonderful children and an amazing family.  I am a Bridgeport Native and proud to be a BRAVE!!

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** If nothing is indicated on the calendar date below, that means there is no homework for that night

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thesis webquest links- 

step 2

step 3

step 4  PINK and Say story (copy and paste link)

CRLS Research Guide


Halloween Webquest--Copy and paste the link below for your webquest. Answer all questions per each activity on a sheet of paper to turn in. this will not be a digital submission

Selma-The Bridge to the Ballot (copy and paste link on IPAD to get to scavenger hunt)

The Monsters are Due On Maple Street Play

Sound of Thunder Text  (copy and paste link)???????

Pink and Say text-(copy and paste link)

For the Birds

Ormie the Pig

CRLS Research Guide

CONFLICT Power Point

ARTICLES for Propoganda analysis


Emancipation Proclamation

Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco

*copy and paste the links into search bars

SNOW DAY/Winter Curriculum extra credit- You may choose to do the following activities on a snow day and turn in the immediate day of return to school for bonus points.  Read the following article by clicking on the link below.  You may choose to do one activity per snow day beginning with Activity 1 (complete in order).  More than one for one day will not receive additional credit.

Activity1- read and summarize the Snow Fall/Tunnel Creek Sections of the article.  (4-5 well developed paragraphs)

Activity2- Print and highlight all instances of imagery and vivid language used in the Snow Fall/Tunnel Creek Sections

Activity3-read and summarize the "To the Peak" section. (3-4 well developed paragraphs)

Activity 4-write a 15 line poem that rhymes that expresses the main points of the "To the Peak" Section

Activity5-read and summarize "The Descent Begins (3-4 well developed paragraphs)

(You may do any of the same activities with the  last three sections-blur of white, discovery, word spreads)

Activity 6-create a timeline of events of the entire article

Activity 7-create a mural that represents the events describe in all sections of the article

Activity 8 -watch the "Avalanche at Tunnel Creek" documentary in the word spreads section.  Create a journal entry, 4-5 paragraphs long expressing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions post viewing

Grammar Powerpoint Scrapbook


Modern Day Utopias

Next click the following link or copy and paste it to dircet you to a collection of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.

Once you choose one that you like, you will be rewriting it as a 3-4 paragragh ghost story.  Remember the elements of How to Write a Ghost Story! Be sure to include all trademark characters and events of the nursery rhyme. You may add to them but do not leave them out. Be creative!