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8th Grade West Virginia Studies

Mr. Edwards

Room 801

Hello everyone! 

My name is Kenneth Edwards and I teach 8th grade West Virginia Studies. I graduated from Bridgeport High School in 2009, Fairmont State University in 2013, and West Virginia University in 2015. While in college my studies focused on the education field. I have a bachelor's in Secondary Education 5-Adult, concentrating in Social Studies and a Master's of Education in Secondary Education focusing on Social Studies/Curriculum and Instruction. I began my teaching career in 2014 at Washington Irving Middle School where I taught 7th grade Geography. At the same time I was also teaching evening classes at Fairmont State. In 2015 I made the jump to Bridgeport Middle School, where I have been ever since. I currently am teaching WV Studies as well as serving as the assistant girls' basketball coach. To date, I have had 6 Golden Horseshoe winners. 

Throughout the school year we will be studying many factors of West Virginia. These factors include economics, history, civics and government, geography, pop culture through the years, and current events. 

I will keep the calendar updated on a daily basis giving a general view of the topic that we are currently studying as well as any homework, projects, and assessments. The calendar is subject to change, however the students will always be notified ahead of time and the assignments/activities are always written on the board in the room for them to see as well.  

My class heavily utilizes Office 365, in particular OneNote. OneNote is a personal online notebook for each student, as well as a general classroom notebook. The notebook is private, the only way a student has access is if they are added by me. Students will be asked to take notes in this, create and upoload projects, collaborate with other students in the class, and complete and turn in assignments that I post. Students will also have access to all PowerPoints, outlines, notes, and anything else that I create and upload, at any time they please. This is a great tool not only for the classroom but for studying and completing assignments. Students simply log on to Office 365 with their student account and will have access to the notebook. If the student uses a smartphone or iPad I suggest downloading the OneNote app for easier accessibility. The notebook will be updated constantly with new information as we move through the content.

The Golden Horseshoe Test is given every year typically from the end of February through March. Every student takes the test. It is comprised of an essay portion as well as a 50 question multiple choice test. Winners are chosen throughout the state based on population of the county, Harrison County recieves 6 winners. Students will be provided numerous resources in preparation for this test.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me on LiveGrades.

Past Golden Horseshoe Winners

2016 - Ariana Foster

2017 - Evan Anderson

2017 - Easton Cahill

2017 - Anna-Eileen Forinash

2017 - Corinne Lalama

2018 - Gino Cava

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