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Mrs. Cunningham's 8th Grade Science Class

  I am Brooke Cunningham 8th grade Science teacher here at BMS!  I am so excited to be here teaching in the same school I went to as a student. I am born and raised here in Bridgeport, WV.  I attended WVU's 5 year Master Teaching Program and am certified in early childhood education, elementary education, and science grades 5-9.   

Fun Fact:  The weight room at the BHS Field is named after my father, Tom Harvey.  

I can be reached through email on Live Grades or at:

My planning period is 12:35-1:08.

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Weekly Grades
1. Bell ringers: Students are expected to answer and turn in every Friday. If a student is
absent they will be put in the grade book as a zero and the grade will be changed when
the bell ringer is turned in upon return. Bell ringers are worth 10 points.
2. Vocabulary Quiz: Students will be given 5 vocabulary words every Thursday. They will
be quizzed every Wednesday on these words. There will be 5 definitions and 5 application
questions per quiz. They will take them online. These quizzes are worth 20 points.

Nine Weeks Grades
1. Notebook test: Students will take one notebook test every nine weeks. They will have
their notebooks with them to answer questions on the test. Students will be given time
in class daily to keep up their notebook as well as refer to the teacher copy for
accuracy. These tests are worth 100 points.
2. Vocabulary test: Students will take the 45 vocabulary words they learned that 9 weeks
and have a cumulative test. This will also be worth 100 points.
3. Labs: Students will complete multiple labs throughout the nine weeks. Points will vary
based on work completed.