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Mrs. Haddix - English 8/Reading 8

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Week 8 Skills Due



Ghost/Scary Story Due Nov 2 (Friday)




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December 7 Dystopia Webquest:

October 31st Class Activities:

First complete your Would You Rather -you will respond to each with 2-3 sentences explaining your choice

Next click the following link or copy and paste it to dircet you to a collection of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes:

Once you choose one that you like, you will be rewriting it as a 3-4 paragragh ghost story. Remember the elements of How to Write a Ghost Story! Be sure to include all trademark characters and events of the nursery rhyme. You may add to them but do not leave them out. Be creative!

Festival of the Dead:

**HOMEWORK:  All homework assignments are listed on the above calendar.  Please scroll down on the arrows to make sure you have read the entire description.  Check back daily to look for updates!**

Students and Parents: I am looking forward to a great 8th grade year.  Feel free to contact me at with any concerns or questions!

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