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Bienvenue dans la classe de Francais!

Bienvenido en la clase de Espanol!

  Welcome to the 2019/2020 French 1 and Spanish 1 classes at BMS!!

Dear parents/guardians,

This year  foreign language classes will use a virtual version of the  new textbooks, the digital version of the new edition will be available to each student. During class students will use computers and Ipad to access online activities and quizzes. I will have one classroom set of textbooks for all students to use if needs be. The first week of school I will set up your child with  an account for Realidades 1 or Bien dit 1. To supplement I also have set up classes on for students to practice listening, speaking and responding.Assignments,turorials, tests  and study guide will be posted for your convenience. It is crucial for your child academic success to be able to practice on a daily basis, if you do not have a computer and/ or internet access at home, the assignments need to be completed during regular class time, AA, or early in the morning. Each week students will be assess on their ability to read /understand or to write /spell or to speak/respond.  For quiz on comprehension and speaking evaluation mispelling is not penalized. However for a  quiz on writing and spelling, mistakes will be deducted form the total score. I try to be as fair and rigorous as possible, however taking a high school credit bearing class in middle school is a privilege, students in my classes are held to higher standards. If you child think the class might be to demanding, they will only be allowed to drop it the first week of school.    As we are preparing our students to be digitally literate and responsible, it is important to keep track of  various login user names  and passwords to access those sites, I will post the general log on this school webpage. if your child is absent for an extended period of time due to illness, vacation or snow days, please check schoology. I am happy to welcome new students  to my classes, I know I t will be a very busy and exciting year so to all BIENVENIDO,BIENVENUE!

Students login information AND PHONE APP:

For FRENCH 1 Textbook digital version (BIEN DIT LEVEL 1): go to

Enter the user name given to you by your teacher. If you forgot your username, contact your teacher via email or Livegrade.

The password is Macaron@09

For FRENCH 1 Schoology

Enter your username and password, if you forgot either contact your teacher via email or Livegrade. If at some point Schoology, ask you for an access code enter NWN8K-VKV5W

 FRENCH 1 PHONE APP: Go to the app store on your IPhone or Google play for your Android; in the search bar type HMH select French vocabulary and get the app.

For SPANISH 1 Textbook digital version (REALIDADES Level 1): go find the tab resources and select login links, scroll down until you find Pearson, click on it you will be directly connected to the Harrison county account with Pearson. Enter your user name (your WVEIS number/lunch number); enter your password (the first letter of your first name and the first four letters of your last name, all caps). If you cannot login let me know, I do not have credential to fix it, it but I can seek help from the person responsible for the account.

For Spanish 1 Schoology: go to if you have not sign up for an account you will need to do so, for your sign in credential you can choose a user  name or  you can use an email account, please write it somewhere to remember it! Same for your password pick something that you can remember and record it somewhere. Give your login and password to your teacher (Mrs. Riley or Mrs. Griffin), if you already created an account just login. If at some point you are ask to give your school district look for Bridgeport Middle School WV, there are several Bridgeport schools make sure you select the correct one (Bridgeport Middle School wv). It is also possible that at one point Schoology ask you for an access code, for students at BMS use NJTQK-H8WVX; for students at Lincoln Middle use NXZ6W-9J6CK.

SPANISH 1 Phone app, go to your IPhone app store , in the search bar type the word autentico, select and get the app. For you Android go to Google play, in the search bar type Pearson Etext for school, select Realidades 1

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