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Mrs. Cunningham's Science Class

           I am Brooke Cunningham the 7/8 Science teacher here at BMS!  I am so excited to be here teaching in the same school I went to as a student. I am born and raised here in Bridgeport, WV.  I attended WVU's 5 year Master Teaching Program and am certified in early childhood education, elementary education, and science grades 5-9.   

Fun Fact:  The weight room at the BHS Field is named after my father, Tom Harvey.  

Link to Online TextBook:


Username: HC3300_ _ _ _ _ 

Password: First initial of first name then first four letters of last name and the number 1 

Example:  Brooke Cunningham's password would be: bcunn1



Students were given their last extra credit opportunity Monday, May 14.  It is not due until Monday, June 4. 

*Students are asked to make their lifestyle greener.  

They need to keep a journal of the steps they have taken to accomplish this goal.  They may take pictures, a powerpoint, or a scapbook.  Students do not need to take pictures, but it is encouraged. 

Students will need parent/guardians to write a small paragraph stating that yes they did or no they did not become a greener citizen and a signature. 7 entries minimum. 

To be a greener citizen they can choose to do things such as, but not limited to: 



Reducing water use

Reducing electricity use

Not using plastic straws

Not drinking from plastic water bottles

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