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Mrs. Shahan's Page 

BASE- Basic Attitudes, Skills and Experiences


1st period 7:45-8:35        Base 6                   

2nd period  8:38-9:35     Base 7

3rd Period  9:26-10:11  Base 8 

5th period 11:35- 12:20 Base 6

6 period 12:25-1:08 Base 7

7th period 1:11- 1:56 Base 8

AA- I'm in 7th grade until 2:45


Students will take a test on the  Nutrition unit. Our textbooks stay in the classroom unless a student was absent and gets behind. I have the students write in their agenda  books if they have homework.  They do not have a lot of homework in B.A.S.E. due to the fact that it is mostly hands on learning.  

4th period planning- Good time to reach me   My extention  is 6039 E-Mail  me at   Or  in Live grades!


               Units  of Study

 Self Concept   Who am I ?

 Interior Design 

 Respect & Friendship,

Roles and Responsibilities


 Kitchen Safety

 Basic Sewing


 Child Development

 Career unit  7th & 8th grades

 Health Risks

 Money management & Budget

 Life Skills

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