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Bridgeport Campus Prevention Resource Officer


*School drills will be announced on this website, just prior to the drill.

      My name is Jamie Hamrick, and I am often referred to as "Officer Jamie" by the students.  I am assigned as the prevention resource officer for Bridgeport High School, but I am available for all Bridgeport schools as needed.  I am frequently seen at Bridgeport Middle School to oversee code drills and help with discipline issues. 
     This is my 3rd year as the school resource officer, after having spent 10 years with the Bridgeport Police Department on regular patrol. My background with the schools includes 9 years as a D.A.R.E. officer, so I feel very comfortable working with the students, the teachers, and the administrators.


The "Rap" Sheet

 Please take note of the drill announcement box at the top of this page.  Many times during a code drill, parents recieve calls from their students who are unaware that we are conducting a drill, and that this is not a real crisis.  I hope that this point of reference will serve as a immediate source of information regarding our actions. Keep in mind that the reason for these drills is to keep students and faculties prepared in case of emergency situations.

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Officer Jamie Hamrick

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