38 E. Lyndon Street

Lumberport, WV 26386-0417


Fax:  304-584-5943

Important Calendar Changes:

                          February 24 - Instuctional Day for Snow Day 1/6/15          

                          March 20 - Instructional Day for Snow Day 1/7/15

                          April 7 - Instructional Day for Snow Day 2/17/15

                          April 8 - Instructional Day for Snow Day 1/8/15

                          April 28 - Instructional Day for Snow Day 2/16/15

                          June 3 - Instructional Day for Snow Day 2/20/15

      June 4- Instructional Day for Snow Day 3/5/15

    June 5-Instructional Day for Snow Day 3/6/15

June 8- Instructional Day in place of 4/3 (from 2/18)

June 9- Instructional Day in place of 4/6 (from 2/19) 

April 3rd and 6th are now non-instructional days.  

LES Daily Schedule

7:00            Doors open and first bus arrives

7:00-7:50   Breakfast is served

7:40            First bell-students dismissed to class

7:45*         Tardy Bell rings

10:30          Lunch-Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Graders

11:20          Lunch-2nd and 3rd Graders

12:10         4th and 5th Graders

2:25           Instructional Day ends

2:30           First bell- Daycare followed by Walkers

2:40           Second bell-Early Bus Students

2:55           Third bell-late bus students dismissal the gym

3:00           Teachers are dismissed

Please contact teachers during their planning periods to schedule conferences: 


7:50- 8:30     DeMarco/McDowell(PE/library)

8:35-9:20      Barton/Edwards/Tonkery (3rd grade)

9:25-10:10    Gentilozzi/Kesling/Wayts (Kindergarten)

10:15-11:00   Haught/Howell/Sedera, Amos (4th grade)

11:35-12:20    Lewis/Swiger (1st grade)

12:25-1:10       Navarini/Postle (2nd grade)

1:35-2:20         Rinschler/Skinner (5th grade)

1:35-2:20*       Burnside,Forniash,Henry,Rittenhouse, Dotson

                               (*subject to change)

                                   Moore (preschool) every Friday




Our Demographics   

     We have 327 students that attend Lumberport Elementary school.  We have two preschools; one of which is our off-site preschool.  We have two first grades, second grades, and fifth grades.  We have three Kindergarten classes, third grade classes, and fourth grade classes.

     We have four TitleI teachers, three special education teachers, a physical education teacher, an art/music teacher, and a librarian/computer teacher.

"Set high goals and work to achieve them!"