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Technology Integration Specialist Candidacy (TIS)

Teachers, parents, and students, 

I have started my journey on becoming a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS). This means that this year I will be learning the newest and best technologies available for learning. I am looking forward to helping you integrate technology in your teaching and learning! 

                      Mrs. Amos

                      Special Education

                      TIS Candidate

Listed below are a few tips to help you understand my role and how I can help!! 

My goals as a TIS in our school are to: 

  • IMPROVE quality of instruction and student engagement
  • INCREASE ACHIEVEMENT for all students
  • BUILD or STRENGTHEN co-teaching relationships

I will work on these goals through providing guidance via technology in the following areas: 

  • Classroom management resources
  • Curriculum Resources
  • Communication Resources for co-teachers
  • Providing guidence for effective, efficient parent/school communication
  • Providing an easy-to-use resource page for students, parents, and teachers to use COMING SOON

Some ways that I can help: 

1. You want your students to perform higher level tasks, and you know the concepts you want them to master. I can help you decide which technological tools will help your students access higher level thinking to complete projects that will help them master concepts. 

2. You have decided on a project and know of several options to complete the project, and you are not sure which to use I can help you by discussing pros and cons of the technological resources that are available. 

3. You have a tool that you are dying to use, but you are not sure how to integrate the tool to ensure students are engaging in higher level thinking; I will be happy to brainstorm projects that utilize the tool in a way that is more likely to generate higher level thinking activities. 


We learn by helping each other! If you have a website or a cool app, please share the learning. Send me an email or fill out the form, and let me share in your experience! 

If you have a question send me an email or fill out the form, and I will contact you to help you! 

I am looking forward to working with you this year!! 


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