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Mrs. Barton's Third Grade

      Hello, my name is Jennifer Barton. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself; I grew up in Clarksburg, West Virginia and attended Liberty High School.  I graduated from West Virginia University where I received my Bachelor’s and  Master’s Degrees in Elementary Education in 2004. This is my thirteenth year teaching!

      My husband and I moved to North Carolina where I taught 3rd and 4th grade for 8 years.  After our son Andrew was born, we knew it was time to move home. Andrew is kindergarten now. Time really does fly when you have kids! This is my fourth year teaching at Lumberport  Elementary and I love it! 



Live Grades- We will continue to use live grades this year. This allows you to check your child’s grades any time of the day. Login information will be sent home in your child’s Monday Folder. You can also email me via Live Grades. Grades will be updated weekly.

Grades- I grade students using a point system. This allows me to weigh my grades. For example, a test or project will be worth more points than a worksheet. This grade will be written as a fraction. The points your child earned will be the number on the top, the points possible on the assignment will be on the bottom. I will then write the percentage grade your child earned.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Agendas/Binders- Agendas are an valuable communication tool. Student binders should come home every night. Inside the binders include their planner and homework folder. Please sign your child’s agenda every night, this is expected. The students will then receive a "Barton Buck". If it is not signed, your child will have to drop their color (please see our schoolwide PBS policy for more information). This is very important! It is also a way for us to keep in contact. I will send notes home for you to see; feel free to send a note back- I do check agendas each morning and write in them each afternoon!

*Please make sure your child leaves their binder the way it is. Each binder contains a pencil pouch, agenda, and homework folder (which includes a reading log). Please do not removed the agenda from the binder. 

Barton Bucks

  • Barton Bucks are little slips of paper. Students will be kept in students' pencil pouches which will be in the front of their binder. 
  • Barton Bucks will be given to the students randomly each day for being a role-model student (holding doors for others, the first one to follow directions, ect.) at the teacher’s judgment.
  • Coupons will also be given at the end of the day for students who remained on green. An extra Barton Buck will be awarded if a student is on purple!
  • Students are to bring their agenda signed each day. The students will then receive a coupon. This is very important! It is also a way for us to keep in contact. I will send notes home for you to see; feel free to send a note back- I do check assignment books each morning!

   Coupons will be traded in for prizes at the classroom store. Students will shop at the

store 1or 2 times a month.

Marble Jar

I also reward good class behavior. If I catch my whole class being good, I will put a

marbles into a marble jar. After the jar reaches a certain point or goal, I will reward

the whole class with a reward!


     This is a very important year for your child. It is the first year they will be taking

the Smarter Balanced Assessment which will be taken online at the end of the year. It

is important that your child practices math each day. Students should take 10 minutes

each night to practice their multiplication facts. It is important not only for this year,

but for the years to come. Here are some websites that your child will enjoy...


     It is important that your child reads every night. This doesn't have to be a chore,

there are many fun ways to get your minutes in. For example, have your child help you

with a recipe you are making for dinner or read a book of their choice for fun. I will

have the students keep a reading log this year.Here are some fun websites that your

child will enjoy...

Mrs. Barton's Daily Schedule


7:00 -  7:35

Breakfast / Bus Room

7:35 – 7:50

Dismissal to Room / Lunch Count

7:50 – 8:10

Morning Work (Writing and Math)

8:10- 8:40

Calendar Math

8:40- 9:15

Reading Intervention (Daily 5)

9:15- 9:25

Restroom Break



10:10- 11:00

 Math Core

11:00- 11:20

ELA (Spelling/Handwriting)

11:20- 11:50


11:50- 12:10


12:10- 12:15



Math Intervention (Daily 3)


ELA Core (Reading/Writing/Grammar)

1:35- 1:50

Read Aloud/Comprehension/Snack

1:50- 2:25

Science/Social Studies/STEM


Preparation for Dismissal


Day Care/Walker Dismissal Bell


Early Bus Bell


Late Bus Dismissal Bell


Teacher Dismissal Bell (unless on duty)


Late Bus Duty Ends

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