Lumberport Elementary Eagles
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Lumberport Elementary School

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Title I Teachers

Mrs. Kari Henry                       Mrs. Jody Forinash


                                   Miss Debbie Rittenhouse

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                                                               What is title I ?

Title I is a Federally Funded Program. The amount of funds a school receives is based upon the

number of free and reduced lunch students in that school. The Title I program at Lumberport

Elementary is school-wide, which means all grade levels receive services from a Title I staff

member. The staff at Lumberport Elementary consist of Highly Qualified Educators with an

average degree of a Masters +45 hours. The goal of Title I is to provide a high- quality education

for every child. The more that is expected from students, the more they will learn and be able to

do. With a school-wide program, all students are held to the same high standards. The school-

wide program aims to help all students master the content standards, challenges students to be

the best they can be, and prepares students for a complex world of today and tomorrow.

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