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School Websites

BioDigital Human - Biodigital Human is an online, 3D model that helps  teachers and students explore all the different systems of the body. Each body part is fully selectable so students can learn the name and function of that body part. Simulated diseases and dissections also make this tool hands-on and immersive for the students. ?

Teachers Try Science - Teachers TryScience is an online resource that offers tons of engaging lessons that are geared towards STEM subjects. Teachers can find ideas for classroom experiments and other collaborative tools that encourage classroom discussion.

Guided Reading - information on what should be taught at each level

Science 360 - Science360 provides a video library that contains information on the most current events in STEM topics from colleges, universities, science centers, and other credible sources. Video topics include astronomy, chemistry, environment, and related science topics

Storyline Online -

A teacher website with interactive stories and activities that go along with it.

Math Fact Cafe' - Math Fact CafĂ© is a website that offers pre-made worksheets for K-5, and custom worksheets on a variety of math-related topics. Teachers can use it to find homework assignments, create study sheets, or fun games that help improve math skills.

Step Up To Writing -

Writing and highlighting strategies using the stop light method of Red, Yellow and Green with highlighting.

Exploring the PlanetsExploring the Planets is a website from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum that allows you to travel through our solar system to learn about all our planets. This site also features the history of space exploration as well as current events.

TogetherCounts - online voting area to help earn money for our new playground

Invention At Play Invention at play is a free online resource that offers tons of DIY activities and educational games that are geared towards the science and engineering subject areas. Teachers can use these activities as class labs to help build engineering and creative skills.

October PTA Activity - FireUpYourFeet

Project NoahThis global project encourages every student to be a citizen scientist by allowing anyone to submit a picture of plants and animals for documentation. Teachers and students can also explore the thousands of pictures already on the site to learn more about nature.