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4th Grade

Newsletter  Sept. 12-16, 2016         From: Mrs. Oliverio

Dates to Remember: 

Sept. 15 Scholastic Orders

         Due/ Popcorn .50

Sept. 16 Constitution Day

Sept. 23 Field Trip

Sept. 30 Reading Log Due

Oct. 6 Hat Day

Oct. 13 End of 9 Weeks

Oct. 20 Report Cards

Reading: a play

The Power of W.O.W.!

“Why might people raise money for a cause?”


  1. innocent-blameless or with good intentions
  2. speculated-guessed or thought over ideas
  3. suspect-someone who may have committed a crime
  4. scheme-a secret, clever plan
  5. burglaries-crimes that involve stealing
  6. regretfully-feeling sorry or sad
  7. assist-help or lend a hand
  8. favor-an act of kindness or a good deed
  9. prior-before or earlier

10.misjudged-was wrong

     about someone or



Mrs. Lowther & I have reserved additional recess time on Fridays. Students are rewarded for showing PRIDE behavior for the week.

We have been spending time at the park while the weather is nice.

September 11, 2001

Where were you on that day?

   We shared our experiences of

Sept. 11, 2001.

   Your innocent children could not understand “why” people would intentionally do such harm.

   Unfortunately, we must be aware & prepared.


HOMEWORK: Everyone turned in his/her spelling homework…yeah!

Please Keep it up

          Popcorn Scoop J

Spelling Words:

          Short & Long /o/

  1. shown
  2. wrote
  3. fellow
  4. coast
  5. locate
  6. throat
  7. online
  8. solve
  9. remote*
  10. boast
  11. block
  12. oatmeal
  13. scold
  14. odd
  15. slope
  16. host
  17. shock
  18. known
  19. stock
  20. globe

*Vocabulary Word

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