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Dr. Manchin met with local union leadership and principals this morning. Consistent with last year’s protocols and in continued support of our employees, Dr. Manchin and all parties agree that extracurricular activities in Harrison County will cease tomorrow evening after 3 PM. All extracurricular activities in our schools are canceled until there is a resolution to this strike. Out-of-county extracurricular activities are permitted during the strike with principal approval. No Harrison County buses will be provided during the strike, and our facilities will be closed. We remain united. #HarrisonUnited #proudtobeHC
Harrison County Schools will be closed on Wednesday, February 20, 2019, in continued support of our service and professional personnel, and for the safety of our students. #HarrisonUnited


1st Semester Exams 2018-2019

December 18 - Exams 3A and 4A

December 19 - Exams 1st, 31 or 3B and 5th 

December 20 - Exams 41 or 4B and 6th

December 21 - Exam 2 and make up Exams 

December 21 is also a 2 hour early dismissal