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Classroom Teacher:  Coach Nutter/ Coach Scotchie             Course Credit:  1

Email:                   Planning:  5th & 6th Block

TEXT:  Pearson – Drive Right

Course Description:

·         Driver Education is a two-phase program consisting of: (1) classroom instruction and (2) behind-the-wheel instruction throughout Harrison County on city, interstate and residential roadways. 

·         This course will meet the WV state requirements of 50 hours classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel instruction of 180 minutes for licensed drivers and 360 minutes for non-licensed drivers.

·         The course will build a solid foundation of knowledge and practice for students by teaching laws of the road with emphasis on the effects of alcohol, drugs and driving distractions.

·         Successful completion of the course will meet the 50 hour practice time required for the DMV to get Level II license.

Course Procedures & Requirements:

·        Students must attain a grade of “C” or better in the combined classroom and driving phase to receive a State Course Completion Certificate (card). However…..

·        WV DE Regulation, 126-22-14.1 states:  High School Driver Education Certificates, Form I-DE-4, shall, in the judgment of the teacher, be awarded only to students demonstrating mastery of recommended course content and a satisfactory level of driving performance, i.e, student ability to consistently control the speed and direction of the vehicle and to safely operate the motor vehicle on the public streets and highways.

·        If the student receives the sufficient combined grade of C or above, but is unable to satisfy the above regulation, the state card will be held and the student may return for their card once they obtain their Level II license.

·        Completion card MAY secure lower insurance rates and can also be used to satisfy the 50 hours of the GDL program.  Only ONE copy will be given at the end of the semester.

·         Students in the class need to obtain their WV Learner’s Permit during the semester.  Driving skills they are learning in class need to be practiced outside of the classroom.  It is impossible to make them the best they can be behind-the-wheel in six hours.  Driving grades will reflect the amount of practice they are getting.

·         Students are not allowed to wear flip flops or extremely high heels when driving.

·         Students will be given a visual acuity test before going out in the Driver Education car. The visual acuity test will be administered by the RCB school nurse.

Grading , Attendance, Homework: 

·        Grades will be based off of total points for each 6 week grading period.  A point amount will be given for each assignment and will be converted to letter grades on LiveGrades. Individual grades will be based off of tests, classroom videos, quizzes, workbook, handouts, classroom participation, home work, and a Power point presentation (optional) at the end of the semester.  Test will be 100 points and quizzes based on points awarded.  Worksheets, homework, and other participation points will vary throughout the semester.  Driving grades will be out of 200 points at end of the six weeks.

·        There is a possibility that NO driving points will be given the first six weeks of school, depending on when the behind-the-wheel instruction starts.

·         It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with work missed when out driving and when absent.  If make-up work becomes an issue, the student will not be allowed to do behind-the-wheel instruction until complete.