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                                                                   Science Department Chair


                                                           (304)326-7200  X6166

                                                             Room 125

Science tools


Helpful Science Websites

            The Biology Place has two helpful components, BioCoach and LabBench


            Biology Corner's homepage offers resources like notes & assignments


            The Genetic Science Learning Center addresses all areas of life science & health


            Bozeman Science, maintained by Paul Andersen, has tons of science videos 


            PBS provides documentaries and programs that educate, inform and inspire


            Educational Web Labs supports lab understanding using virtual experiments


            Supplementary Physics covers a wide range of physics lab activities

            The Physics Classroom provides tutorials, interactive activities, & movies

            The Khan Academy offers exploratories and practice questions for many subjects

            Varsity Tutors is a great test-prep site for over 350 subjects

          8:12-9:02     Physics

          9:06-10:53   WVU Bio 101 & 103 (Sem I)

                              WVU Bio 102 & 104 (Sem II)

        10:53-11:23   Lunch

        11:27-12:17   Biology

        12:21-1:11     Honors Biology

          1:15-2:05     Honors Biology     

          2:09-2:59     Planning

Weekly schedule
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