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Block 1: Planning

Block 2: English 11 Honors

Block 3: English 11 (Semester)



Block 4: English 11 (Semester)

Block 5: English 11 (Year)

Block 6: Planning


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English 11 Class Syllabus

Course Description: English 11 is more or less a chronological survey of American literature. We will read Foundational documents, and work our way through various stages of American thought and culture. Through reading, we will improve our writing abilities and grammar usage, as well as widen our vocabulary. A research/argumentative essay is required in this course.

Grades: Grades will be based on various writing exercises, to include journals, letters, poems, and essays. The bulk of our grades will be tests and essays, though we will have a number of formative grades (based on understanding of a concept) and entry activities that always help your grade. If you have good attendance, pay attention, and take good notes, then you will be fine. I will grade notes at the end of each six weeks. Cheating and plagiarizing are absolutely prohibited and will result in an F. Plagiarism may result in disciplinary action.

Attendance/Tardies: Your key to success in this class, to taking as much out of it as you can, is to be here. For every one day you miss, you have one day to make up the work. If you are present when I announce a test or quiz, but miss the day before the assessment, then you are still responsible for taking the test or quiz on time. Tardies: I expect you in class on time. I do count tardies and follow the policy. In addition, I ask that you not interrupt me to leave the class. Do what you need to before class starts instead of chatting with your friends between classes.

Cell Phones/Electronic Media: Cell phones and electronic media are forbidden in my class. Your best move is not to bring it at all into my room. I adhere to the County policy: Out of sight, out of sound. If you are on it, you will lose it—it will go to the office and you will receive lunch detention.

Respect: We live in a diverse world, and everybody has an opinion. My class tends to be open to the free exchange of ideas and the discussion it brings. You may disagree with someone’s opinion on something, but you must remain respectful at all times in my class.

Essays: All essays are to be typed, double spaced, in Times New Roman, left justified. I will not accept essays that are hand-written. If you do not have a computer, we will make accommodations. If you need to print a paper out, please do so before coming to class.

This class can be fun, but it takes mutual effort and respect on all of our parts. Learn and have fun while doing so. This class has a lot to offer, if you accept it.

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