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The Roosevelt-Wilson/Washington Irving/ Kelly Miller & Robert C. Byrd Alumni & Friends Foundation,Inc.
One Eagle Way
Clarksburg, WV 26301

Foundation Purpose

      The Foundation was organized in January 1997 to represent the interests of alumni from Roosevelt-Wilson, Washington Irving, Kelly Miller and Robert C. Byrd High Schools.   RCBHS benefits from the proud heritage of three Clarksburg high schools.   It has been truly rewarding that a community school and two city high schools have melded to support  their successor.   With representatives from all groups, the Board of Directors has easily put aside past rivalries to focus on a common goal: supporting students of Robert C. Byrd High School. 

      The Foundation raises money to present $500.00 scholarships so deserving RCBHS grads may further their education.   Scholarship donors may specify the criteria for their scholarship.   They will automatically become lifetime members of the Foundation.

   In addition to funding scholarships on an annual basis, the Foundation has established an endowment to fund future scholarships and to aid Robert C. Byrd with other projects, as approved by the Board of Directors.

Board Officers

President - Melanie Heater Squires (WI'71)

Vice-President - James Campbell (WI'60)

Secretary - Dorothy Post Swick (RW'65)

Treasurer - Whitney Kidd Patterson (RCB'03)

2015 Scholarship Banquet

April 12th  @ RCB