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Salem Elementary

273 Education Way

Salem, WV 26426


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Tiffany Flanagan, Counselor

Salem Elementary School

273 Education Way

Salem, WV 26426

Phone: 304-326-7182

Salem's Counseling Corner

Referral Process
  • Student Referral-  a student may come to my office. 
  • Teacher Referral- a teacher will contact me, via phone, e-mail, referral form or in person to refer a student to me.
  • Parent Referral-  a parent can refer their child by phoning me at the school , sending a note to your child's teacher, e-mailing me here  or you can call and schedule an appointment if you would like to speak in person.

McKinney-Vento Act

The McKinney-Vento Act was designed to help families who, because of economic hardship, have had to change their housing situation.  If you are living with another family member (parent, sibling, cousin, etc.), a friend, two or more families in the same dwelling, RV or Camper, a shelter, a vehicle, a motel/hotel or efficiency apartment or any other temporary situation then you may be eligible for services, such as free breakfast/lunch, school supplies, etc.  The school counselor is the contact person at the school level and I have been contacting families that may qualify based on information given on the student information forms; however, if you feel that you may qualify for these services please feel free to contact me at the school.  Mr. Jim Kirby is the contact person at the Harrison County Board of Education.

Counseling Services
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Individual Counseling 
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Student Assistance Team (SAT)
  • 504 Plans
  • Providing At-Risk Referrals and Outside Referral


  • Self-Esteem
  • Bullying
  • Social Development
  • Career Awareness
  • Grief
  • Divorce
  • Relationships
  • Organizational Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management


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