273 Education Way

Salem, WV 26426



Hello! smiley I am Miss Molly Furda.  I teach students with special needs at Salem, and I am enjoying every bit of it! In our classroom, we work on basic reading and math skills.  The students get to rotate through various stations throughout the classroom.  ABC station, writing station, word building station, group work station, number station, math station, and puzzle station are just some of the stations the students get to rotate through on a daily basis! The station activities change weekly and sometimes even daily!  A sample word building station activity is shown below!  We built words using Play-Doh!  The kids can even do something like this at home! 

If you have any questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to call me at the school or email me at mafurda@k12.wv.us

Let's have a great year! laugh

Please read daily with your son or daughter!yes


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Building words with Play-Doh is fun!

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