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Scholarships Page

~~please check this page often for updated scholarthip information.  Newest scholarships will be located on the top~~

2018-19 Remind App Information

2018-19 ACT Information and Dates

2019 Faculty Scholarship

Harrison County Association of Retired School Employees   Deadline 4/25/2019

Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship  6/15/19

Dylan Jeffries Scholarship  5/1/2019

West Milford Lions Club Scholarship  Deadline 4/29/2019

Clarksburg League for Service Scholarships  Deadline April 15, 2019 and April 30, 2019

AADE Scholarship  Deadline April 30, 2019

Albert Yanni Scholarship  April 5, 2019

Lost Creek Alumini Scholarship  Deadline May 1, 2019

The EDGE Scholarship for CTE students who will be attending Pierpont C & TC is due March 15, 2019

Alpha Delta Kappa Alpha Upsilon Chapter Scholarship   Deadline 4/2/2019


James “Jim” Bailey Scholarship  Deadline  4/15/2019

Little General Scholarship  3/15/2019

Colombo Distracted Driving  4/1/2019

4H Scholarships  3/31/2019

WV Desk and Derrick  3/22/2019

John and Mildred Peluso Italian- American Scholarship  4/1/2019

IOGA  3/22/2019

Par Mar Stores  4/30/2019

YCF Scholarship Deadline 3/25/2019

WV Association of Conservation Districts Scholarships  Deadline 3/4/2019

WVU CPHYS Scholarship Deadline 5/15/2019

P.G. & Ruby Rush Hollandsworth Perputual Scholarship  Deadline 4/15/19

UTC Practical Nursing Application

UTC Practical Nursing Warren and Betty Burnside Scholarship  Deadline 3/15/19

The Wesleyan Creative Arts Scholarship

The Wesleyan Service Scholars program

The Timms Family Trust Scholarship for the Performing Arts  Deadline March 15, 2019

Stonewood Lions Club Scholarship  Deadline April 15, 2019

WVAOE Joshua Tuck Scholarship   Deadline 3/31/2019

Americanism Essay Contest     Deadline 3/18/2019

Madge McDaniel Memorial Scholarship  3/15/19

Helen Holt Mollohan Scholarship  3/31/2019

High Technology Scholarship 3/31/2019

Larry D. and Margaret D. Brown Scholarship  3/1/19

James E. Hawkins Memorial Golf Scholarship   Deadline 3/22/2019

West Virginia Garden Clubs, INC.  Esther J. Hinchman Scholarship   Deadline 2/1/2019

???????Mon Health Medical Center Foundation Health Careers Scholarship 02/15/2019

GFWC West Virginia Scholarship April 1, 2019

American Association of University Women  4/1/19

Lieutenant James W. Hotsinpiller Jr. and Deputy United States Marshal Derek W. Hotsinpiller Scholarship  Deadline February 1, 2019

West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival Scholarship     Deadline March 1, 2019

Student Achievement Banquet Information and Application Deadline April 1 to Mrs. Michael


RCB National Aerospace Education Center Visitation Day  November 17, 2018

Huntington Bank Student Loans 

Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation   Deadline January 15, 2019

Hart Family Foundation Scholarship  Deadline April 2, 2019

ACLU Youth Activist Scholarship Deadline 4/1/2019

The Warren and Betty Burnside Foundation INC. Scholarship Deadline 3/15/2019

West Virginia Garden Clubs, INC.  Esther J. Hinchman Scholarship   Deadline 2/1/2019

Elk Honor Student  Deadline April 1, 2019

Elks Legacy Award Deadline February 1, 2019

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship Deadline November 15, 2018

First Energy’s Power Systems Institute 11/10/2018

Walter E. Buck Nutter and David H. Nutter Scholarship  Deadline 1/15/18

QUILL AND Scroll Honor Society Deadline Oct. 10, 2018

Wealth Wise Scholarship  Deadline December 31, 2018

Wendy’s High School Heisman  Deadline October 17, 2018

VFW Voice of Democracy  Deadline October 31, 2018

Coca Cola Scholarship  Deadline October 31, 2018

Resume Genius Scholarship  Deadline December 15, 2018