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South Harrison High School
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3073 Hawk Highway

Lost Creek, WV 26385


Fax:  304-745-4292

SHHS Mission, Vision, & Beliefs

Each year, SHHS' improvement council, teachers, members of the community, parents, and students come together to set and implement goals to improve the education of the students of South Harrison High School. 

SHHS Mission Statement 

South Harrison High School fosters an environment that promotes personal responsibility for all students through community collaboration and parental support.  Administration, teachers and support staff provide a safe and trusting atmosphere that allows for the development of life-long skills that will allow students to succeed in a globally competitive society.

Our Vision

Learning  -  a team thing!

Our Core Beliefs

We Believe:

  •      that all students can learn
  •      that teacher, parents and the community   can impact a students success.
  •      that technology should be used to enhance learning