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South Harrison High School
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3073 Hawk Highway

Lost Creek, WV 26385


Fax:  304-745-4292

Family and Consumer Science

Middle School Schedule

1st Period: Planning- 7:40 - 8:25

2nd Period: BASE 6th grade- 8:27 - 9:12

3rd Period: BASE 8th grade- 9:14 - 9:59

4th Period: BASE 7th grade- 10:01 - 10:46

High School Schedule

3rd Period: Food Preparation- 11:49 - 1:19 

 4th Period: Life Connections (1st semester)- 1:22 - 2:07            Parenting (2nd semester)

6th Period: Planning- 2:10 - 2:52

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Ms. Malfregeot

Education Backgound:

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from West Virginia Wesleyan College

Masters of Arts in Teaching from Fairmont State University with a concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences