128 School Street

West Milford, WV 26451


West Milford Daily Schedule

7:00           Doors open and first bus arrives

7:10-7:40  Breakfast is served

                   ("Grab-N-Go" Breakfast begins at 7:40)

7:30           Teachers report

7:20           Students dismissed to bus room

7:45          Students dismissed to homeroom

7:50           Tardy bell rings

10:30         Lunch-Preschool

11:00         First and Second Grade Lunch

11:30        Third and Fourth Grade Lunch

12:00         Fifth and Kindergarten Lunch

2:30           Instructional Day ends

2:30           First bell - Walkers

2:40           Second Bell - Bus

2:50           Late bus students dismissed to the cafeteria

3:00           Teachers are dismissed

The first school in West Milford was a one-room building used in the days before the Civil War.    This was a subscription school, which meant that parents had to pay the teacher for each subject they wanted their child to learn.  After the Civil War, public education laws were passed and schools were paid for with tax money and became available for all children to attend.

With these changes came the need for a new school.  In 1867, a two-room schoolhouse was built where our playground is now.  There was one teacher for the older students, who also acted as the principal, and one for the younger students.

A four-room schoolhouse was constructed in 1910 and was name West Milford Public School.  In 1915 the principal decided to change the name to Unidis and began to add many new classrooms. Unidis served all students from first to twelfth grade until South Harrison High School was opened in 1965.  The school was then changed to West Milford Elementary.  Sometime in the summer of 1972, the school mysteriously caught fire in the middle of the night and burned to the ground.  Luckily, a new school was already being constructed just across the parking lot on the site of the former Unidis football field.

In the fall of 1972, the current West Milford Elementary School opened it’s doors for the first time.  There were 14 classrooms and around 300 students.  The library had no walls, students had gym in the cafeteria, and the principal was named Mr. Hess.  The school colors were blue and white and Hawkeyes became the nickname.  Today there are 26 classrooms with nearly 500 students, three computer labs, gym is held in the gym, the library has walls and the principal is Mrs. Kinney.  Our colors are now orange and black, but our nickname is still Hawkeyes.

Josh Toothman

Thank a Police Officer Day

On Friday, September 19, 2015, West Milford Elementary School celebrated “Thank a Police Officer Day” with the help of Terri Bush and Wives Behind the Badge.  We had approximately 15 local officers from the surrounding area join our children for lunch.  Our officers included West Virginia State Troopers, Harrison County Sheriff Department, FBI Police Department, and Bridgeport Police Department.   A few officers even volunteered to read to our students in kindergarten through second grade.  Our students were excited and honored to have these local heroes spend the afternoon with them.  

School book fair starts October 19-23. Parent night will be durning parent teacher conference hours on Monday October 19th.

Click on the pick take you to the bookfair website. 

Summer Reading Challenge Magic Show

On Friday, September 18, 2015, our students who participated in the Summer Reading Challenge were rewarded with a wonderful magic show.  Magician, Mark Clayton, entertained the students with magic tricks from talking rodents, disappearing handkerchiefs, and blades that cut through the wrist.  The children loved every moment of the magic show, and Magician Mark Clayton reminded the students how important it is to read offten.