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Math is not just about...

Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

Math is about...

Perserverance, learning to find a solution to problems,

And thinking outside the box.

Math is Understanding!

Whether your child is in one of the 5th grade math classes or in my homeroom, I am thankful for the opportunity to teach your child this year! My goal for each student that enters my class is SUCCESS! Success in learning instills a desire for lifelong learners. Math is one of those topics in which many students never feel successful and if they do not feel successful, they develop an attitude of defeat even before they try. I also understand the hesitation many 5th grade parents feel as they try to help their child complete homework. That is why I encourage all my students to take home their Math Journal which not only includes vocabulary for each topic but step by step instructions and examples for how to complete all the topics we are currently studying. Also, the math textbook and the websites at the bottom are an excellent source for learning the new strategies we are teaching. 

Mon ~~  Phys. Ed.

Tues ~~  Library

Wed ~~  Computers

Thurs ~~ Phys. Ed.

Fri ~~      Library

7:45- 8:15             Morning Work

8:15- 9:30             Sci/ Soc. Stud.

9:30- 10:05           Band/ Enrichment

10:05- 11:20         Reading

11:20- 12:00         Planning

12:05-12:35          Lunch

12:40- 1:55           Math

1:55- 2:00             Organization Skills

2:00- 2:30             Recess

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