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I teach social studies and science to all third graders at West Milford Elementary. In science we will read and discover concepts from life science, earth science, and physical science. In social studies we will learn about the United States. We will explore our country's geography and history.

There will be occasional quizzes and tests.


To_O_naci_o_us BB Regular _!_

e-mail: ljmarple@k12.wv.us

Live Grades Login: http://www.livegrades.com

Phone: 304-326-7030 (Please call during my planning from 10:25-11:05 daily)

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First Semester

Monday: Phys. Ed.

Tuesday:  Computer

Wednesday:  Library

Thursday:  Phys. Ed.

Friday:  Computer

Second Semester

Monday: Library

Tuesday:  Computer

Wednesday:  Phys. Ed.

Thursday:  Library

Friday:  Computer

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  • Agendas must be signed nightly Monday-Thursday.
  • Conduct sheets will come home on Mondays and must be signed and returned the next day.
  • Juice is $.50 and popcorn is $.75. It would be $3.25 for a week of juice and popcorn. 
  • Juice and popcorn money is collected on the first day of the week only. Please send correct amount. No change can be given. 
  • Absences: Please send an excuse when your child returns and make arrangements to pick up missed work. Excuses will only be accepted for three days following the absence.

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To_O_naci_o_us BB Regular _!_

http://www.portaportal.com (This is where I save links for helpful sites for all subjects. Guest Access: ljmarple)


(Printable list of Spelling words for the year.)


(Study spelling words on spellingcity.com )