182 School Street

West Milford, WV 26451



We Serve Free Breakfast and Lunch

West Milford Daily Schedule

7:00        Doors open and first bus arrives

7:10-7:40  Breakfast is served

                   ("Grab-N-Go" Breakfast begins at 7:40)

7:30        Teachers report

7:20        Students dismissed to bus room

7:40        Students dismissed to homeroom

7:50        Tardy bell rings

10:15     Lunch-Preschool

10:45      Kindergarten and First Grade Lunch

11:30      Second and Third Grade Lunch

12:05       Fourth and Fifth Grade Lunch

2:30         Instructional Day ends

2:30         First bell - Walkers

2:40         Second Bell - Bus

2:50         Late bus students dismissed to the cafeteria

3:00           Teachers are dismissed

We serve over 200 breakfasts each day at our school.  If your child needs to eat breakfast at school please have your child at school at or before 7:25.  Having your child at school at this time allows them 20 minutes to eat breakfast before our instructional day begins at 7:45.

STEM in WMES 5th Grade Science

Mrs. Southern's 5th grade Science classes had the opportunity to learn about robotics and programming when Mr. Burnside visited the classes. The students enjoyed exploring with the Lego WeDo Robotics kits as they built a variety of robots. However, the most excitement was had when they used computers to program the robots for movement and sound. Lego Robotics is the 2nd of a series of 3 presenters. Previously, Mr. Biley from the WVU Forensics Dept. taught the students the science behind identifying fingerprints.  We will ending with WVU's engineering department  showing our students how to apply engineering principals within science.

Musket the Dog

On Monday, April 9th, we had a special visitor come to West Milford Elementary School. Musket the Dog, from West Virginia University and his friend, illustrator Brad Stalnaker, came to read the book “Musket’s Big Adventure”. The story discusses how Musket the dog rescues West Virginia University mascot, the Mountaineer, from a bear and becomes the Mountaineer’s sidekick. After reading the book, Brad discussed the process that he went through to draw the pictures that would become the final illustrations in the story. The students also had a chance to interact and play with Musket, during his visit.


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