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Adamston Elementary School

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Mrs. Rollyson

Second Grade

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Reading - This week in reading we will be reading Helen Keller and the Big Storm. We will take our tests on Friday.   Our Comprehension focus will be Fact and Opinion.  We will work on identifying facts and opinions, as well as writing them.    We will introduce our new vocabulary organizer on Monday.   We will also have a new spelling list on Monday.  

Spelling- In Spelling this week we are working on Vowels oo, ue, ew, ui. Our spelling words are as follows:  blue, clue, cool, drew, flew, fruit, juice, new, spoon, suit, too, true  Challenge Words:  cruise, nephew, shampoo  Tested Vocabulary:  angry, branches, clung, fingers, picnic, pressing, special.

Grammar- In grammar this week, we will be working on Adverbs. Adverbs that how. Ex: We walked quietly through the hallway. 

Math- In Math this week, we will continue to work on Time.  We have worked on time to the hour, half-hour, 5 minutes and minute.  We will continue to practice this week.  

**Homework for the Week - 

 Monday - Rd. "Is It True?", study spelling and vocabulary

 Tuesday - Rd. Helen Keller and the Big Storm, study spelling and vocabulary

Wednesday - Read Leveled Books, study spelling and vocabulary; Snack Cart Tomorrow

Thursday - 

Friday - No homework 

Important Dates- 

  March 18 - Cardio Project (2nd grade is height and weight)

  April 9 - Report Cards go home