Adamston Elementary Oval Name Plate
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Adamston Elementary School

1636 West Pike Street

Clarksburg, WV 26301



Students at Adamston Elementary participate in Genius Hour.  Genius Hour is a practice started by the Google Company where employees get to spend 20% of their time at work (translation about an hour) working on a project that they are interested in that will bring a benefit to their job. 

In the classrooms one hour a week is set aside.  Students are able to work on whatever they are passionate about. Students are able to research and use our school resources, teacher facilitation, and their own gumption to learn more.

Projects start as early as first grade.  Every student has something they wonder about.  Genius hour is a way to encourage students to do what they love.

Adamston Elementary held their 3rd Annual SnowTime Stories and Reading Strategies night on December 13 at the school.  Children and their parents came out to hear stories such as Pig the Pug  and Gingerbread Pirate.  Kids found new favorites and were encouraged to check out other Christmas titles they have never seen before.  While the kids listened, the parents met with Title I specialists to learn about reading strategies that have been found to be effective.  After reading stories and learning strategies, children and parents made Christmas ornaments, gingerbread houses, and even some holiday themed slime. 

This year was extra special because the girls  from Washington Irving Middle School Danceline joined us.  The girls helped make the evening special by providing mentorship to the students in attendance.  The event is successful year after year and will continue.