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Bridgeport High School
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515 Johnson Avenue

Bridgeport, WV  26330



Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Bridgeport High School is to “prepare students for post-secondary endeavors by providing superior learning experiences in their academic, fine and applied arts, personal and community socialization and co-curricular activities."

“The basic philosophy of Bridgeport High School is that all students will be given educational opportunities at their own rate that will allow them to reach their full potential in becoming successful, functioning members of society……We believe that our students should be able to relate to each other with mutual respect and consideration even with a variety of economic and family backgrounds……..It is our belief that the basic requirement needed to survive in a technological society is education. Our school has committed itself to helping individuals succeed by offering an excellent staff, a variety of courses, a pleasant atmosphere, and a moral foundation on which to build.”

In keeping with the school’s philosophy, the community and many local businesses continually support the educational program by providing partnerships.

by Michelle Todd-Brown