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Mrs. Suzanne Randolph


If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.


Course Information

English 10&11

First Semester

Room 110

Instructor Information

Suzanne Randolph

Room 110

Planning Period: Third Block 11:45-1:20


Course Description

English 10&11 are courses in which students will be provided an opportunity to develop language arts skills that will be used not only in their school years but also in their years beyond Bridgeport High School. Students will study writing, grammar, and literature on a daily basis with the focus being on “how will I use this beyond English class.”

Requirements and Policies

Required Texts

Elements of Language

The Reader’s Choice

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Workbook

**Workbooks will be allowed to be kept in the room unless an assignment is given for homework.**


Students will be graded using the points system. Grades will be posted on Live Grades at least once a week. Students will be told when Live Grades is updated. Please remember if your child misses school and an assignment, a zero will be factored into his grade until the grade is made up. I will communicate through a mailed progress report, if your child’s grade is below a “C.” Reports will be sent after the third week of the grading term is completed. Messages sent on Live Grades will be answered when I update the site. If you need to reach me immediately, please use the above contact information.


BHS has established a homework lab during lunch called “Lunch to Learn.” The purpose of this lab is to allow students who did not complete homework the first time assigned an opportunity to make-up this assignment. The teacher will tell the student when he must attend “Lunch to Learn,” and if he fails to go, punishment of detention will then be issued by the school. This is not an optional lab. If you don’t complete homework, you will attend the lab. Once the homework is completed, then it will be returned by the “Lunch to Learn” teacher to the assigning teacher, and partial credit will be given to the student. We are hoping this shows students that homework is a vital part of their education, and it is not to be taken lightly.


Students will be given a chance to retake all tests if an “F” is received for the grade. This make-up test will be given in a testing lab during the lunch hour. The testing lab teacher will administer the test and return the test to the original teacher once it is completed. The highest grade a student can receive on this make-up test is a 65% D.  We are hoping this stresses to students that an “F” is not an acceptable grade.


Students will be allowed the number of days missed to make-up assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to get make-up work. I will not hunt you down. If you miss on a test day, you must make the test up either before school or during lunch.


All papers will be typed in MLA format (which will be explained). I will not grade a handwritten paper. Computers are available during lunch and before and after school. Papers are due at the beginning of class. Do NOT ask to go to the library during class time to print out a paper.


Students are expected to obey school and county rules. Please refer to county handbook for a list of inappropriate actions.

Please sign and return saying you read and understood the above information.

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