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Jared St. Martin Brown

"Mr. Brown"

Classes: English 10, English 12, Theater

Syllabi: English 10, English 12

Clubs: Thespian Troupe #7549,  Comic Book Club,  Wings

Education: BA in Education (English and Journalism) 

                    Master of Education (Digital Media, New Literacies, and Learning)

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Bio: I’m a native of West Virginia and have lived here all my life except for eight years in which I lived in different places throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona working for the USAF.  Although I loved much about my life in Phoenix, AZ, I knew that, for me, West Virginia was the right place to raise children.  I wanted my kids to be barefoot in the country, climbing trees, and “catching crawdads in the crick.”  So, after those adventurous years in the Southwest, I moved back to Appalachia in hopes of becoming a school teacher and starting a family. I met Albani my first day back in WV and we were married ten months later.  Her last name was St. Martin and my last name was Brown.  So that is how I acquired the extra long last name.  This is our thirteenth year together and we now have three children.

This is my ninth year teaching English and Theater at Bridgeport High School.  Without a doubt, it is the best job I have ever had.  Even after all of these years, it still feels new.  Perhaps that is because so many things change from year to year. 

The BHS Thespian Troupe was chosen to represent WV at the International Thespian Festival,  2015

The entire West Virginia delegation to the Internatinal Thespian Festival, 2015

The BHS Thespian Troupe at the 2016 WV State Thespian Festival at D&E.  This group was again selected to go on to the International Thespian Festival to represent West Virginia for the second year in a row.

The West Virginia delegation to the International Thespian Festival, 2016: Bridgeport High School, Notre Dame High School, and 

Washington High School.

Teaching Senior English is one of the highlights each day.  It may not be as photoworthy as our Theatre Department, but we have a lot of fun reading great literature, exploring the origins of our crazy language, and wrting stories and essays about the things we like.

Here is a look at some of the class of 2017.  You can't imagine the great ideas that start here in English 12.