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Robin Bohn

Choral Director and Assistant Band Director

Classes 2016-2017:

Show Choir

Band I

Piano I and II

Musical Theatre

"Music gives a soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and life to everything."

~ Plato ~

Bridgeport High School Show Choir:

"The Main Attraction"

"The Main Attraction" is a group of seventeen talented students under the direction of Robin Bohn. The Main Attraction performed at the WVMEA State Show Choir Festival and PEA in March 2014, where they finished first in the Non-Mixed Show Choir division and received an award for Outstanding Non-Mixed Show Choir. They finished the 2013-2014 season by winning the first place show choir award and the Outstanding High School Choir award at Music in the Parks Kennywood. The Main Attraction placed first in the Non-Mixed Division for the second year at the WVMEA State Show Choir Festival in March 2015.  Last year, they performed at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida in December 2015. In the 2016-2017 performance season, The Main Attraction will compete at the RCB VocalFest and the WVMEA State Show Choir Festival.

WVMEA State Show Choir Festival and PEA

Saturday, March 25 at Hurricane High School

           Here is the itinerary for the show choir festival. Please let me know ASAP if you need a ride. So far, I have not heard from anyone about needing transportation. This is the address for Hurricane HS if you need to look up directions: 3350 Teays Valley Rd, Hurricane, West Virginia 25526. Students are not permitted to drive themselves, and parents may not drive students other than their own child unless they have been approved by the Harrison County BOE.

9:00AM Meet at Hurricane HS. Mapquest says it takes two hours and twelve minutes to get there. I would like to meet at the entrance and go in together. You do not have to be in costume, but girls, please have makeup and hair most of the way done when you arrive.                                                                        9:55Warmup                                                                                                              10:30Performance                                                                                          12:00 noon Festival Division awards

After the awards are over, each of you needs to meet me with the person driving you to check out (we’ll designate a place when we get there-I’ve never been to Hurricane HS before). Please do not leave until I see you with your ride.

Girls’ checklist:

Hair half up/half down                                                Neutral-shade makeup                                                    Blackcapris

Black cami                                                                        Black tunic shirt                                                          Blue tunic shirt                                                              Character shoes                                                         Earrings

Boys’ checklist:

Black pants                                                                     Black Shirt                                               Vest                                                                          Jacket                                                                                Black socks                                                                Black shoes

Band I 2016-2017, Alternating 1st Block

Teacher: Miss Bohn


The objectives for the course are simple: Provide students an opportunity to perform in a band, continue to learn and mature as both musicians and individuals, and work together to make the Bridgeport Band great. The teamwork aspect of being a part of the Bridgeport Band is tremendous educationally for our students. Performance and other musical and class objectives are posted in the band room and on the band’s website. The students will learn that participating in high school band is a great source of PRIDE and is an experience that will benefit them in many ways throughout their lives.

Students enrolled in Band I, II, III, IV will be provided the opportunity to examine, rehearse, and perform various styles of marching and concert music. The students in this course will continue to refine their playing skills and study various composers, compositions, styles, and ornamentation. Rehearsals and performances will be scheduled outside of the regular school day as part of the curriculum. Members are expected to practice individually and in extra rehearsals or sectionals. Private instruction is highly encouraged. Students may participate in Solo and Ensemble Festival as well as various local and national honor bands. Students enrolled are eligible to audition for the West Virginia All-State Band.


1. Students need to own or have access to an instrument of good quality and maintained in good playing condition. A test grade will be given to each student the first week of each semester, simply for having their name clearly displayed on their instrument case.

2. Music will be provided and each student will be responsible for replacing lost music. (Copy Request forms are available)

3. Students will be responsible for coming to class prepared to learn. A properly maintained horn, music folder, pencil and notebook with paper are required for each class meeting.

4. Students will demonstrate a positive attitude and aid in creating a positive learning environment.

5. Students will be expected to attend rehearsals and performances outside of the school day.


Band is a co-curricular class for which students receive a grade. Each student will receive a daily grade for each rehearsal. The average for each student will be determined as follows:                        

Daily Grades / Participation / Attitude / Playing Quizzes 25 %

Test Grades –50%

Participating in Outside of School Rehearsals and Performances *25 %

Daily performance and participation – The primary factor in determining this grade is the student’s involvement in classroom activities, whether those involve playing instruments or discussing musical concepts and ideas. Students who fail to participate fully will lose points from this grade. Students who are absent will not receive credit. This will reduce their total number of graded assignments and may affect their overall average depending on the quality of their remaining assignments. Each student will begin the classroom day with 20 participation points. This number of points indicates that the student has an A+ / 100% for the day. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain this level. Deductions of participation points will be made by the director if the student fails to meet the guidelines stated above. Serious, flagrant or continual violations will result in greater deductions of points and consequences outlined in the disciplinary policy. If it becomes necessary to remove a student from the classroom for disciplinary reasons, that student will receive zero participation points for the day. Students who fail to bring their instruments/music to class will receive no more than 10 points for the day. We may be able to provide an instrument from the school’s inventory so that the student may participate. If no instrument is available, a student may receive partial credit if they continue to participate in class discussions or finger along with their part. NOTE: Students with instruments ‘in the shop’ need to bring a note or receipt from the repair shop stating the nature of the problem and the date on which the instrument was received. A student saying ‘my instrument is in the shop’ will have their daily grade lowered until they provide documentation.

Participation in concerts is a vital part of being a band member; therefore attendance at concerts/performances is required. Students who miss a rehearsal or performance will not receive any credit. This will reduce their total number of graded assignments and may affect their overall average depending on the quality of their remaining assignments. Performances and rehearsals are scheduled many weeks in advance and students are made aware of these dates at the beginning of each semester. Only emergency situations and illness can be accepted as excused absences from a performance. In these situations, contact the director in advance and supply a note of explanation, as soon as possible. If a rehearsal must be missed, please provide the director with a note of explanation PRIOR to the rehearsal (except in emergency situations--follow the same procedures as a performance). Failure to bring a note will result in an unexcused absence. At the discretion of the director, students with unexcused absences may lose their travel privileges (They will not be permitted to travel to away events with the band). Not all of the band students are in the same band class, so after-school rehearsals provide the only opportunity to have everyone rehearse together. Please note: Work is not an excused absence. Finally, there is no reason for an “unexcused absence”. Be here or be accountable. Our success depends on it! Soon there will be a link from our homepage at to an “Excused Absence” form.

Make-Up/Extra Credit:

Written quizzes, test, and assignments will follow the Harrison County Attendance Policy as stated in the Student Handbook. Performance and rehearsal grades cannot effectively be made up. (ie: We can’t play a football game over or march the same parade twice) Extra Credit assignments are available for any student who would like to improve their grade. Students may earn extra credit by presenting a practice log (verified by a parent) or by performing technical exercises, sight reading, or solos. Please see Miss Bohn to get an assignment.


1. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Respect others and they will respect you.

2. Know the rules in the Bridgeport High School Handbook and abide by them.

3. Come to class promptly. Do not leave your seat without permission throughout the class period. Sign out/in on the hall-pass sheet whenever you leave the room during class. Hall passes will be limited. Please follow EMERGENCY USE guidelines as reason to be in the hall during class.

4. Come to class with required materials and be ready to rehearse within two minutes of the bell. Be in the room en route to your seat before the bell rings.

5. Take pride in your surroundings. No food, gum, or drinks in the band or choir room. Clean up after yourself. You know what’s right – Do that! You know what’s wrong – Don’t do that!

6. Say “Please” and “Thank You.” Be courteous to others and they will return the favor.

Discipline Procedure: Penalty at the discretion of the director, may include: warning, reduction of daily grade, conference with student, phone call to parent, detention, or office referral. (Severe offenses will result in an office referral prior to other action being taken.)


EACH WEEK, A WEEKLY BAND AGENDA (WBA) WILL BE POSTED ON THE BAND WEBSITE, AND IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH STUDENT TO READ THIS AGENDA AND INFORM THEIR PARENT(S)/GUARDIAN(S) OF IMPORTANT BAND NEWS AND EVENTS. THE BAND WEBSITE: – Parents and students can text @tribeband to 81080 in order to receive timely texts about band. "Remind" is a safe way for teachers to send text messages to students and stay in touch with parents. It is a notification program that sends out text and email messages directly from the teacher. It does NOT provide conversation interaction.

The best way to reach Miss Bohn at school is to send a message through LiveGrades. Your homeroom teacher will give you your password at the beginning of school. Thank you for your cooperation, and together we’ll make this a successful year for the Bridgeport bands!

Robin Bohn, Assistant Band Director                                                                                                                    Band Office (304) 842-5247

Piano I and II 2016-2017 

Teacher: Miss Bohn

Fourth Block, First and Second Semester

Piano class works best as an “independent practice” class, because piano students enter this class at many different proficiency levels. There will be students who have never studied piano or music before, and there will be some who have studied piano for years.  Every student will work on music that corresponds to his/her level of experience.



The books and supplemental music that will be used in this class will be provided.  For beginners through level three, I use the David Carr Glover Method for Piano and the Alfred Basic Piano Library.  If a student is beyond level three, I have other material and books for assignment.  If you wish to sign out a book to take home, just let me know.  


            Every week, you will receive a weekly assignment page with your assignment on it. It will include a playing assignment each week containing music required for your level of experience.  Students are expected to practice from the time the tardy bell rings until the end of class. If you finish before the due date, you may be instructed to look at the next couple pages in your book, or you can work on homework or read.  Writing assignments and lessons in basic music history and theory will also be included on the weekly assignment sheet. Quizzes on the information in the assignment sheet and worksheets will occur every week or so.


            All grades will be posted in LiveGrades within a couple days a test is taken or an assignment is completed. If you don't know how to check LiveGrades or don't have your account set up, your homeroom teacher can help you.



  1. Be prepared. You should have all materials needed for class for every class.
  2. Be in your seat at your piano with your books when the tardy bell rings. NO food, NO drinks, NO gum, and NO cell phones! There is zero tolerance on these rules! If you need a drink, ask to go to the water fountain in the hall. If you have a documented medical condition that requires food at times, you can eat a snack in the cafeteria.
  3. If you leave the room sign out CORRECTLY, take the hall pass, and sign back in when you return. Leaving the room during class time is a privilege, not a right. Follow the procedures, please. No one will be permitted to leave the room during the first and last fifteen minutes of class.
  4. Respect those around you. Be positive with your classmates, listen to instructions—you know what to do.


The final exam will be a compilation of all the material covered in past quizzes, worksheets, and papers. It will have multiple choice, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions about items learned during the semester.  It is very important that you keep all graded tests, quizzes, and assignments to use for finals preparation later.  About three weeks before the end of the semester, you will receive a study guide with questions and information to prepare for your final. There may also be a performance section on your final, where you will play three pieces learned during the last six weeks of piano class for evaluation.


This should be all you need to know about Piano class.  If you have any questions or concerns, I can be found in the band room or the choir room most of the school day, or send me a note through LiveGrades.

Robin Bohn, Piano, Bridgeport High School


Musical Theater Class Syllabus

Spring Semester 2017

Teacher: Miss Bohn

          Welcome to Musical Theater class at Bridgeport High School! I have a great deal of information to share with you about musical theater. It is my goal to share my love for musicals with you. There is a great deal of information in this syllabus; please read it carefully.

Course Description: Musical Theater

          You will explore all aspects of musical theater. You will watch some of the greatest musicals ever written. Everything from the behind the scenes work to the singing, dancing and acting on stage will be covered. You will also learn about the production aspect of musical theater--what it takes to get a show started and running.


          Most materials for this class will be provided. You will need to have a pencil/pen and paper in case notes are given. Any borrowed materials must be returned when you are finished using them.


        Topics to be covered in this may include, but are not limited to:

          1. History of musical theater

          2. Famous writers of musicals

          3. Movement on stage, including choreography

          4. Acting

          5. Singing

          6. Basic lighting

          7. Basic sound

          8. Sets

          9. Props


          11. Parts of the stage

          12. Roles of different show personnel

          13. Advertising--posters, flyers, programs

Assignments and Grading

          Class Participation: You are expected to participate in all class activities to the best of your ability. We will be doing acting activities and putting ideas together as a group. You are not expected to do anything perfectly, but you are expected to put your full effort into each class.

          Assignments: You will have some short writing assignments, worksheets, and small research assignments in this class. Some library time will be given to complete them; after that, you must complete them on your own time. To receive full credit, these assignments must be turned in on time.

          Quizzes and Tests: I will give you at least one day of notice before a quiz or test--no pop quizzes. Quizzes and tests will be graded according to the stand grading scale.

Class Rules / Expectations

          1. Students will treat each other, the room and all materials with respect at all times.

          2. Students will be on time to class.

          3. LISTEN to the teacher at all times. Talking while the teacher is speaking or giving instructions is NEVER appropriate.

          4. No cell phones. I see or hear it, I take it.

          5. Take a MATURE ATTITUDE toward correction.

          6. No food or drinks allowed in the room. You may bring water.

          7. Be positive / encourage each other

          8. Always be prepared for class.

          9. It is NOT okay to do work from another class or leave this class to do something for another class. Don't ask.

          10. Class is not over until I say it is. Don't begin to put your things away until instructed to do so.

     If you ever have any questions or need to see me about something, you can find me in the choir room or the band office, or you can send me a note through LiveGrades.