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Learning Skills 

World History


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Mrs. Tuttle

Learning Skills/Resource


 2nd Block First Semester

Room 214

Course Description

The purpose of a Study Skills and Resource class is skill development. The students placed in this course have been identified by having an IEP and the legal document states that the student needs extra training or teaching of specific skills.

Skill training is to involve:

  • A regular program in study skills, test taking skills, organizational skills, and time management skills.
  • Daily assistance/guidance to the student in how to use a planner on a daily basis and for long-term assignments; help the student plan how to break larger assignments into smaller, more manageable tasks.
  • Helping the student set up a system of organization using color coding by subject area, especially with material that need to be stored in a school locker during the day.
  • Teaching the student how to scan a large test chapter for key information, and how to highlight important selections.
  • Teaching the student efficient methods of proof-reading own work.
  • Displaying and supporting the use of mnemonic strategies to aid memory formation and retrieval.
  • Displaying and supporting the use of vocabulary and comprehension strategies using differentiated instruction.
  • Supporting alternate methods of outlining such as “mind-mapping” or “clustering”

Requirements and Policies

Students are required to bring core class textbooks and assignments that need to be completed or material that needs to be reviewed for quizzes or tests.

Every day students are required to complete the daily assignment sheet. This will consist of a “bell ringer” question getting them to start thinking, and their choice of either completing a short creative writing, or to choose one of the creative drawings or vocabulary builders. If students have core class assignments, then they will write those down and turn in the assignment sheet and begin their core class assignments. This is how students will get their full 100 points daily grade.

If students do not have core class assignments, they will continue with the daily assignment sheet to complete the daily math, daily English, Daily vocabulary with definitions, and using the vocabulary in a sentence. The last section of the assignment sheet is a book summary or newspaper article summary. Students have a choice of a book or the daily newspaper and writing a 6 sentence summary.

Students will attach all assignments to the daily assignment sheet and turn work in for a daily grade worth 100 points.

Work must be completed and turned in for a student to receive a daily grade.

Attendance is very important because the skills and tasks will improve with practice and repetition. Therefore, students will increase their skills if they are in the class to practice.

World History


 Syllabus and Course Description

Text Book: World History: Patterns of Interactions

1st Block First Semester

Room 111

The ninth grade social studies course engages students in the study of the development and evolution of the historic, economic, geographic, political, and social structure of the cultural regions of the world from the dawn of civilization to 1900. Special attention is given to the formation and evolution of societies into complex political and economic systems. Students are engaged in critical thinking and problem-solving skills, using maps, charts, graphs, text and other data from a variety of credible sources. Students synthesize the information to predict events and anticipate outcomes as history evolves through the ages.

  • Tests and Assignments will be announced and will include matching, multiple choice, true-false, and essay.   Bonus questions will also be added to tests. 
  • Students will be responsible for being prepared for class.  Students should have a notebook, textbook book, and pencil or pen upon entering the classroom.  Inability to follow this simple rule will result in a verbal warning from the teacher: repeat offenders will be written up and sent to the office. 
  • If a student is absent they are responsible for getting notes from another student within the classroom.
  • Students should consult teacher about missed assignments.
  • Review sessions will be held prior to tests giving the student opportunity to earn extra points for the test. 
  • Students should respect the rights and opinions of other students, guest speakers, and the teacher during class discussions

Grading-Point System: Work will be assigned a point value.  Six Weeks grades will be a percentage of points earned compared to total points possible. The Harrison County grading scale will be used:

93-100 = A

85-92= B

75-84= C

65-74= D

0-64= F

Expectations: In this class you will be held to high expectations.  Following the class rules are part of this expectation.  All Bridgeport High School and Harrison County policies will be enforced.  Along with the county and school rules, the class as a whole will expand upon these four basic rules further:

  • Be respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Accountable
  • Be Active

Contacting the Instructor

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me during my planning at the above phone number.

Please sign below and return this sheet only to me indicating that you have read the syllabus.

                                                          Thank you,

                                                          Mrs. Tuttle

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