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Advisor: Jared Brown

Wings is the amazing group of student volunteers who help keep the school compliant with the county recycling program. Every week we meet twice: once to discuss school improvement projects and theories about popular science fiction television, and once to pick up the all the school’s recyclables. For the past two years, the club has saved tons of paper from the garbage and, by doing so, have actually earned money for the school. Our focus on classroom paper use lead the members to jokingly suggest that our club name was an acronym meaning “We rIcycle Nothing Gbut Spaper” (misspellings intended). However, in the coming academic year, Wings plans to expand the efforts to conserve, reuse, and recycle in other ways.

Anyone can join Wings, but it helps to have a good attitude and a sense of humor. The more volunteers we have, the better our program will be. So if you are interested in helping our school become more “eco-friendly,” please visit club sponsor Jared St. Martin Brown, or talk to one of the student recyclers in the hallway.