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Welcome to Mr Caruso's fifth grade class. 

 "Home of the Mighty Monkeys"

Please contact me with any concerns you have about your child in my classroom. Fill in the form below and submit.

Thank You.

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** Please note - NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED UNLESS YOU ARE ABSENT. In the event of an absence, county policy will be followed. (1 day for every absent will be allowed to make up work)

No work will be accepted without FIRST AND LAST names on paper. No name = 0, No Last name = -10 points.

Check your child's agenda DAILY. 

I will give extra credit (10 pts) if you visit any of the links below and do some of the activities. (You will get spelling credit for spelling activities, and reading credit for reading activities, etc. To be considered, the activity must reflect work being done in class.) In order to get extra credit, you must e-mail me at the address above and tell me about the activity that you completed and what you liked or disliked about it. **Only one extra credit grade per subject per week.**

Some Useful Websites (Great practice for all things fractions!) (math flashcards - great for practice and/ or extra credit work)  (lots of learning games)  (your weight on other planets - pretty cool)  (search tools and databases - great for research - Login= West, Password= Virginia)  (National Zoo in Washington D.C. - Live web cams)  (Live web cam at Times Square in New York. - Check out the sights.)  (Find out when you can see the International Space Station)  (translate to and from other languages)  (great for learning and hearing common Spanish words) (great for learning and hearing common French words) (dictionary, thesaurus, & reference) (Odyssey) (logic puzzles)


3/28/18  -  End of 3rd 9 Weeks

4/2/18 -->  4/6/18  -  Spring Break

4/9/18  -  2 Hour Early Dismissal

4/20/18  -  Progress Reports

4/27/18  -  2 Hour Early Dismissal

5/8/18  -  Election Day (No School)

5/18/18  -  2 Hour Early Dismissal

5/28/18  -  Memorial Day

6/11/18 - Student Last Day (Tentative)

Students of the Month 

September - Fairness:  Patrick S.

October - Responsibility:  Sarah G.

November/ December - Citizenship: Lily C.

January - Trustworthiness:  Addison A.

February -  Caring:  Kaiden P.

March - Respectfulness:  Audrie S.

April - The KEY HOLDER (Encompasses all 6 Character Traits): 

May - Most Improved: