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 Welcome to 
Mrs. Stier's First Grade
1st grade is such a great year of learning and fun!
We will need to work together to create great readers, mathmaticians, scientists, and citizens!
Explore these websites to practice skills at home or at school:
Reading with Clifford
Garfield's Reading
Math Games
Shape Creator
Math Fox
Here is how you can help at home: 
Read every night!
Read a story book to your child that they love.
"Echo read" a story, where you read, then they copy you!
Help them find words they know in the story (like a scavenger hunt)!
Use the pictures to find clues and help understand the story!
Ask questions about the story when you are done!
Work with Words!
Use letters around the house to make words they can practice spelling (cut letters out from magazines, ABC cereal, magnetic letters, etc).
Go on a word scavenger hunt in your books/magazines/newspapers to find word patterns we are working on. 
Play "Build a Friend" (also known as "Hangman") with words you are

Explore Your World
Use your senses to explore everything around you (plants, weather, substances, food, animals, etc). 
Ask questions about your world!
Look up things you are unsure about!
Here is our weekly planning schedule:
Monday - Computer
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - P.E.
Friday - Library + Extra P.E. 
Please know that I am always willing and open to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  I know that it takes both a teacher and a family to build a happy and successful student!
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