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"Learning is Magical in 4th Grade!"

Mrs. Powell's 4th Grade Classroom


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Planning Schedule (9:30-10:15am):
Mondays - Music
Tuesdays - Gym
Wednesdays - Library
Thursday - Computer
Friday - Art

Mrs. Powell's Class will need their gym shoes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays!!

If you would like to donate to our class, the following items are much appreciated.  Thank you for all your help with the donations!:

Sandwich bags

If you would like to use the "Remind" app and haven't signed up yet, please let me know and I will send home the information.  Thank you! 

Daily Homework 3/25/19:

In addition to any daily homework, it is important for students to read for at least 20 minutes a day to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Math:  Fractions Review Worksheet

Reading: T-Shirt Project Due April 30th (assigned 3/18/19)

Spelling:  Study Old Yeller spelling words.  Test will be on Thursday, March 28.   Link to spell city to study words online:

Writing:  none

Social Studies: none
Science: none

ATTENTION GIFTED STUDENTS!!: Gifted is on WEDNESDAYS!  If there is a 2-hr delay, students will still go.  If there is a 3-hr delay, students will NOT go.  

*****Parents-Please check your child's homework folder on a daily basis. Please make sure that when you are signing your child's agenda that they DO have their homework completed ,and they have studied for anys quizzes/tests. Your signature assures me that your child is ready.  Students will recieve a bobcat stamp each day for a signed agenda.

         What We're Currently Working -  3/25 - 3/29

(Test 3/28/19) Old Yeller Spelling Words: dingy, writhing, clout, varmint, sulking, wallowing, roan, canyons, knoll, boar, copperhead, lunging, frantic, prowl, sumptuous, solemn, solemn, briars, rogue, venison, commotion

challenge: none this week

Spelling City Link to study words online:

*Bonus words will be from the story we are reading or what we are working on throughout the week in another subjects.


Informational writing and Persuasive Writing. 


Fractions and review of all skills up to this point.                            
Study Basic Multiplication Facts Daily!!

Reading Novel - Beginning "Old Yeller

Reading Skills - Primary/Secondary Resources.

     Social Studies

Causes of Revolutionary War

longitude/latitude Pirate Game -


Life Science - Plants


 Gym is on Mon., Tues., and Wednesday. 



What to watch for… 
  •   Agendas nightly with homework assignments!  Please SIGN the agendas EVERYDAY!!! 




Addison R. - 12th


Sites to try:

Other Great Websites:,, (this is the resources/recycling game we played in class),

Important Dates

March 15th - End of 3rd 9 weeks for grades K-8

March 22nd - Report Cards go home for grades K-8

March 22nd - 2-hr DELAY (Curriculum Development)

April 12th - 2-hr early dismissal (Faculty Senate)

April 15-19th - Spring Break/NO SCHOOL

April 26th - Progress reports go home

May 24th - Tentative Last day for Students

May 24th - Tentative End of 4th 9 weeks for grades K-8.

May 27th - Memorial Day/NO SCHOOL

May 28 - June 3: OS DAYS (2nd - 6th  Snow Day Conversion to Instructional Day)

*Report Cards for the 4th quarter will be mailed to the students.

           Character Traits-By Month                               Student of the Month

               September - Fairness                                                 Ayla G.


               October - Responsibility                                           Peyton H.

         Novemeber/December- Citizenship                                  Eli H.


             January - Trustworthiness                                          Dakota D.

                   February - Caring                                                Jackson R.

               March - Respectfulness                                             Izzy F.   


                   April - Key Holder                                                     

                 May- Most Improved                                            


                *Leader of the Pack: