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Shinnston, WV 26431


 Fax:  304-592-3255


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Welcome to Mrs. Sturm's

Fourth Grade Class!!!

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Congratulations to Mrs. Sturm's...

Student of the Month

Brock Post

Summer Reading Participants:

Maverik Criss, Autumn Lindsey, Brock Post, and Joe Spadafore!!!

Math Field Day Participants....

Brock Post, Collen Pill, Emery Riley, Autumn Lindsey, Andrea Jones, and Maddy Bennett

Spelling Bee Winners....

Brock Post, Collen Pill, and Evan Stire


 Test on Thursdays  


Writer's Notebook


Place Value and Rounding (Review Multiplication DAILY) 


Earthquake Terror

Social Studies

The Revolutionary War


Science experiments on Fridays


Don't forget your tennis shoes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Spelling Words...

Lesson 13 Spelling Words (Test November 15):

wiped, covered, mapped, pleasing, slipped, putting, traveled, seeking, visiting, mixed, shipped, phoning, offered, smelling, hiking, checking, fainted, landed, becoming, wandering

Challenge:  amusing, entertained, admitted, stunning, starving

If you would like to donate to our class, the following items are always appreciated...

  • backup snacks (we currently need these)
  • disinfectant wipes
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer 
  • ziploc gallon bags
  • ziploc sandwich bags
  • plastic spoons/plastic forks/plastic knives
  • backup snacks

Planning Schedule:

Monday- Music/ Extra Gym

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Gym

Thursday- Library

Friday- Computer/ Extra Gym

Important dates: 

???????November 12th - Veteran's Day Observed/NO SCHOOL

November 19 - 23 - Thanksgiving Break/NO SCHOOL

December 3rd - 2-hour early dismissal (Curriculum Development)

December 21st - 2-hr Early Dismissal (Faculty Senate)

December 21st - End of 2nd 9 weeks for grades K-8

December 24 - January 1st - Winter Break/NO SCHOOL

January 2nd - CE day for Teachers/NO SCHOOL STUDENTS

January 10th - Report Cards go home for grades K-12

January 21st - Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday/NO SCHOOL

January 24th - 2-hr DELAY (Curriculum Development)

February 14th - 2-hr DELAY (Faculty Senate)

February 18th - OS DAY (1st snow day conversion to instructional day)

March 4th - Parent/Teacher Conferences and 3-hr DELAY for students

March 15th - End of 3rd 9 weeks for grades K-8

March 22nd - Report Cards go home for grades K-8

March 22nd - 2-hr DELAY (Curriculum Development)

April 12th - 2-hr early dismissal (Faculty Senate)

April 15-19th - Spring Break/NO SCHOOL

May 24th - Tentative Last day for Students

May 24th - Tentative End of 4th 9 weeks for grades K-8.

May 27th - Memorial Day/NO SCHOOL

May 28 - June 3: OS DAYS (2nd - 6th  Snow Day Conversion to Instructional Day)

*Report Cards for the 4th quarter will be mailed to the students.


         Character Traits-By Month                  Student of the Month

                September-   Fairness                                  Heidi Thomas 


                October -    Responsibility                            Joe Spadafore        


                November - Citizenship                                   Brock Post         

                December - Student of the Month                  

                  January - Trustworthy                                    

                 February - Caring                                                

                   March - Kindness                                              

                   April -  Keyholder                                                   

                    May -  Most Improved                                 


                   June- Student of the Month