Big Elm Elementary Bobcat

200 Tetrick Road

Shinnston, WV 26431


 Fax:  304-592-3255


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Welcome to Mrs. Sturm's

Fourth Grade Class!!!

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Congratulations to Mrs. Sturm's...

Leader of the Pack:

Sam Waybright, President

Lilly Toth, Vice President 

   Big Elm Spelling Bee

Lilly Toth, Runner Up

All State Choir   

Kaydy Loss

Student of the Month

Rayleigh Miles 

Math Field Day Participants:

Lilly Toth

Sam Waybright

Summer Reading Participants:

Kylieana Romeo, Jadyn Ayers, Lilly Toth, Aubrey Hursey, Rayleigh Miles, Josiah Collins, Sam Waybright, Matthew Perine and

Liv Templeton

Spelling Bee Champions:

Jadyn Ayers, Kylieanna Romeo, Liv Templeton, Lilly Toth, and Sam Waybright


 Test on Thursday 


Writer's Notebook




The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Social Studies

The Revolutionary War


Science experiments on Fridays


Don't forget your tennis shoes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Spelling Words...

glance, judge, damage, package, twice, stage, carriage, since, practice, marriage, baggage, office, message, bridge, chance, notice, ridge, manage, palace, bandage


fringe, average, fleece, fragrance, excellence

If you would like to donate to our class, the following items are always appreciated...

  • disinfectant wipes
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer 
  • ziploc gallon bags
  • ziploc sandwich bags
  • plastic spoons/plastic forks/plastic knives
  • backup snacks

Planning Schedule:

Monday- Music/ Extra Gym

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Gym

Thursday- Library

Friday- Computer/ Extra Gym

Important dates: 

January 15- No School 

February 2- 2 Hour Early Dismissal

March 6- 2 Hour Early Dismissal

March 30-April 6- No School 

April 9- 2 Hour Early Dismissal 

April 27- 2 Hour Early Dismissal

May 18- 2 Hour Early Dismissal

May 24- Last Day

           Character Traits-By Month                  Student of the Month

                September-   Fairness                                    Gracey Fortney            

                October -    Responsibility                              Aubrey Hursey


                November - Citizenship                                  Sam Waybright

                December - Student of the Month                  Liv Templeton 

                  January - Trustworthy                                    Rayleigh Miles

                 February - 

                   March - 

                   April -       

                    May -