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Welcome to Mrs. Yanero's Kindergarten Class

I am very excited about the progress my students are making in the classroom everyday. We are having lots of fun learning our sight words, numbers, letters, shapes, and counting to 100 by 1's, 5's and 10's & and by 2's to 50.

The 100th day of school will be February 1st as long as we do not have any more snow days. If we have any more snow days, it will get pushed back how ever may snow days we are off.  

We are reading lots of amazing stories. Be sure to ask your child lots of questions about our stories. Ask them if the story makes them think about anything that has happened to them. Reading is like a ticket to any place their mind is willing to take them. 


Sight words 

see    look    this    little     have      can      my    so

the      I      in     a     is     am     to     do     like      go

we     or     be   with  make  run  did    have    at  me    has

an   yes   no   come    

Don't for get to review color  & number words every evening too :)

Big Elm's Mission Statement

Big Elm enables all to meet their fullest potential, which means we learn as much as we can and we have a great time doing it in KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!!

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Character Pillars


   Leader of the pack     Bella   

  Fairness                      Cam       

  Responsibility             Maddox  

  Citizenship                  Aubree

  Trustworthiness         Kinley




   Most Improved        

kids reading

Please remember to read to your child each evening and have them tell you several details from the story, the main idea of the story, and self to text connections

Planning Schedule

      Monday           Music

      Tuesday          Art

      Wednesday    Computer

      Thursday        Library

      Friday             Gym

Juicy juice
Goldfish crackers

Snack Calendar

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Remember to make sure that snacks are healthy.