Big Elm Elementary Oval 2
Big Elm Elementary Bobcat 2
Big Elm Bobcat

200 Tetrick Road

Shinnston, WV 26431


 Fax:  304-592-3255


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Welcome to the kindergarten class of Mrs. Herron and Mrs. Joyce!!

Please keep working on our sight words, letters and numbers.

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Quick as a Blink!!!

am   a    are    at   and   can   do   for   go   have  he  here  I

is    it   in   little   like    look    my     me   not    of   on   see

she    said   the     to    that   this   they    we    with     you   


Number words

one   two   three    four   five   six   seven   eight   nine   ten

Color words

red   black   brown   orange   yellow   blue   green   pink   

white    purple   

How far can  you count?

boy pet dog