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Mrs. Cool's Classroom

Spelling - Our spelling test will be on Thursdays.  Thank you for working with your child!  We are on Unit 3 Lesson 11: words with oi, oy patterns.

???????Math-  We will be reviewing addition and subtraction facts, place value, and rounding to tens and hundreds. We are continuing with multiplication .  Continue to practice those multiplication facts. (memorize) . We will continue to use the Commutative Property of Multiplication to show how 2 numbers can be multiplied in either order. (example:  4 x 5 = 20 and 5 x 4 = 20  BUT they mean different things.) Students can practice math skills at these  websites:

Reading-  Students will be reading "Technology Wins the Game"   this week.  We are also working with the skills: kinds of verbs, suffixes -less, -ful, and -ous, sequence,  context clues, nonfiction text features,  and using text to support our answers.  Students should be reading nightly at least 20 minutes.

Science-  We will be conducting some science experiments and reading about animals.  We will also be doing animal research and writing informational articles.

Social Studies-   We will be working on map and geography skills.  This week we will be working with Physical Maps."

Monday- Phys. Ed. (need gym shoes)
Tuesday- Library **Extra phys. ed in room
Wednesday- Computer  
Thursday- Art (need art shirt)  ** Extra phys. ed- in room
Friday- Music


  THANK you for all the extras you have sent in for our classroom.  It is GREATLY APPRECIATED!   I am providing snack for the class daily (the whole class), so if anyone is interested in helping provide snack just send something in with your child.  The students are really thankful for anything they receive.

Class store – Students purchase items with play money that they earn with good behavior, perfect papers, quizzes, and doing their best!  

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Spelling Words

  1. joy
  2. point
  3. voice
  4. join
  5. oil
  6. coin
  7. noise
  8. spoil
  9. toy
  10. joint
  11. boy
  12. soil
  13. choice
  14. boil
  15. come
  16. are
  17. poison
  18. destroy