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Welcome to Ms. Brown's Third Grade! 

Classroom News

Important dates to remember:

       Nov 6 - Make up Pictures

       Nov 7 - PTA Meeting @ 3:00 

       Nov 10 - No School (Veteran's Day)

       Nov 20-24 Thanksgiving Break


Monday - Study Multiplication Facts

                Read Young Thomas Edison

                Study Spelling 

Tuesday - Study Multiplication Facts

                 Study Spelling

Wednesday - Read Young Thomas Edison (test tomorrow!)

                      Study Spelling (test tomorrow!)

                      Spelling Practice test due tomorrow!

Thursday - Spelling Practice test due on Thursday of next week  

                  Study new spelling words 

Friday - NO SCHOOL (Veteran's Day) Enjoy your weekend! 


Reading - We will be reading a story from our reading book each week. The Reading test is on Friday. It will cover the story and vocabulary for the week. In addition, we will be working in groups, reading leveled books. We are practicing reading skills such as comprehension, questioning, sequencing, comparing, and contrasting -- just to name a few! Please encourage your child to read at least 15 minutes each and every day! 

Math - In math, we are beginning multiplication. We will begin by introducing multiplication as _____ groups of ______ and repeated addition. Arrays will be used to solve multiplication problems. We will discuss the Commutative Property of Multiplication and how two numbers can be multiplied in either order. (The product of 4X5 is equal to the product of 5X4)

Spelling - Students will bring home a weekly overview each Friday that has the spelling words for the following week on it, giving you and your child plenty of time to study and become familiar with the words. Our weekly spelling test is on Thursday. With the overview, students will also be given a practice spelling test to be completed and turned in on or before Thursday. The weekly spelling list can also be found here and it will be updated each week --------------->

yes Please check your child's folder and sign their agendas each night. 

mail Please send a note when your child is absent (excuses will only be accepted 3 days upon return to school) or if he or she has a change from regular dismissal schedule. 

enlightenedYou can stay up to date with your child's grades by checking LiveGrades.  The grades will be updated every Monday.


                     Monday - Art

                     Tuesday - Music

                     Wednesday - Gym (Please we appropriate shoes!)

                     Thursday - Library

                     Friday - Computer

We have extra P.E. on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Please wear appropriate shoes! 

Spelling List 

Week of: Nov 6-Nov 9

Story: Young Thomas Edison

Spelling Skill: aw, au, al

  1. talk

  2. cross

  3. awful

  4. law

  5. cloth

  6. cost

  7. crawl

  8. chalk

  9. also

10. raw

11. salt

12. wall

13. lawn

14. always

15. soft

16. small

*17. often

*18. strawberry

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