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 June:      Practice your Mulitplication Tables.  Use flash cards or internet math games to practice.  This may seem elementary, but it is essential that you have all of your facts up to 10X10 MEMORIZED!!  If I ask you for a fact like 7X6 - you should be able to answer IMMEDIATELY!! 


July:   Brush up on your fraction skills.  Try some of the fractions sections of the websites on this page.  Pick out a recipe from one of Mom's cookbooks and double, triple and half the recipe.


August:   Exercise your brain with some logic puzzles like Sudoku or Ken Ken.  These are great for thinking skills and problem solving.                                   





Helpful Math Websites

Cool Math                                                              Math Playground

Free Rice                                                              AAA Math

Pre- Algebra Manipulatives                                  Percent Game #1 

Math Dictionary                                                    Percent Game #2   


Math Goodies                                                       Percent Game #3


Equation Battleship                                              Integer Jeopardy


Smarter Balance Practice Test                            Math Play



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