About Upward Bound SIU by Rebecca Harden

Upward Bound


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After School Session

We stay after school until 5:00 PM. We have snacks, and an hour to do homework if you do not have any then you can help other kids. After that, we begin our lesson and sometime the older kids work on scholarships, or ACT Prep. You start to learn new ways to learn or listen and how to study if you do not have any ideas you are given a couple ideas to try.

Summer Session

We live in dorms during the summer so that we can get ahead in school before the year starts. We get free time when we get back to the dorms from trips we always get snack at 9:00 PM and we have to go to our rooms at 11:00 PM after that you have half an hour to clean your room and get ready for bed. Lights out is 11:30PM and after that, you are unable to come out of your rooms until midnight. You also get to go on trips to really cool places. Not to mention that you also have the Upward Bound Olympics where it’s different every year. You also have time occasionally where we can go to the pool or the Tiger’s Den to relax from the week’s events. Upcoming Seniors have mentoring and upcoming Juniors and upcoming sophomores have to go to selected classes. We had theatre, guitar, art, fitness, psychology, pre-med, as enrichment classes and core were Math, Science, English, History, and Careers.

What We Do

We earn money for our grades and attendance at the After School meetings and the Saturday Sessions that we have. If you have good grades, you can earn $50. The way we get the money is because we are a federal funded college readiness program. You also can go on the college trips. Seniors get to go to New York City for a couple days and it is free. Upward Bound also helps pay for the ACT and SAT two times. We have an in school contact and it is Mr. Sharp. Upward Bound also helps students to complete the FASFA.


The Seniors go on the Senior trip in March. Everyone gets to go on college trips if you turn in your form, and you get picked, then you can go on the trip. Seniors usually are picked first to go to visit colleges because they are closer to graduation.

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