Christian Club by Shaina Newbrough

Christian Club

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me: Philippians 4:13

Information about The Christian Club

Mr.Ramsey and Mrs.Wolfe are in charge of The Christian Club.We have pray requests each meeting we have with them. We talk about scriptures from the bible. The Christian Club is here to bring worship back into Lincoln High . We want to make sure we talk about what we have upon our minds.

About the Bible

The Bible shares the word of God with everyone around the world. The Bible is written in different languages for many people to understand. God wants to share his word with everyone who follows his word. God loves each and everyone of race,color,religion. Some may not beilieve in him but he still loves you. If you consider yourself lost or wanting to accept him into your heart go to a local church or come see Mr.Ramsey or Mrs.Wolfe.

Our Goals for the Christian Club

Our goals for the Christian Club is to help one another grow with God. We also would like to help others by showing them what God can do for them. We hope to see more students join our club throughout the years to spread the word of God.