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We are pleased to announce that Harrison County Schools will be open on Thursday, February 21, 2019. We would like to thank our employees and families for remaining strong during this difficult process. We would also like to thank all of the support we have had from members of our community. Our children are our future and we trust that all of our local and state leaders can come together to make our schools the best they can be. Further, all extra-curricular activities will return to normal schedule.


Edwin Propst - Principal

United High School

Jeff Hamrick - Social Studies

Kim Holbert - English

Roberta Bastin - Science

Shelly Zirkle  - Math

Caroline Kwiatkowski - PE/Health

Joy Cann           - Business Education

Mary Mayer - Special Education

Harrison County Evolution Middle School

Caitlin Clutter - English

Pat Boggess - Special Education

Randy McKinley - Math


Jacob Hayhurst - Counselor

Harrison County
Evolution High School

Adam Hamrick - Science

Ashley Satterfield - Social Studies

Vicki Elam - English

Anita Richard - Math

Pat Boggess - Special Education

Social Work

Bobbi Jo Harbert -Social Worker

Options Program

Rafe Snell - Teacher 

Melanie Tillman - Teacher

Support Staff

Miranda Trader - Secretary

Jody Sperry - School Nurse

Diann Bartlett - Head Cook

Shane Earnest  - Maintenance

Picture of Staff at Holiday

Additional Services Located on 2nd Floor of UHS

GED/TASC Testing

Community Care of W.V. Clinic