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September 21, 2017


Welcome JES Class of 2018!  

This year is going to be your best ever!  

Keep checking this page for updated information!!!




Math - 

Knowing your math facts, 0-12, is KEY to your success in 5th grade math class. If you are not fluent in your math facts there are a few things you can do to build your skills.

     1 - you can purchase flash cards at Dollar Tree or WalMart. I suggest holding them while you watch tv, and then practice during the commercial breaks. This will give you about 3 minutes of practice during each commercial break and that may add up to 10 minutes of practice during a 30 minute show! Easy Easy!!! 

     2 - try some online math games or math apps.  There are tons! You can download a math app to your phone or hand held device. Practice while you are in the car on your way to the store or during one of your long car rides. 

    3 - don't forget Mrs. Galindo (our computer teacher) has set up a series of links for you on the Johnson Elementary Home Page! Go to "resources", then click on "student resources" for quick links to all things educational and fun! 

Science - 

     Do you LOVE science?  Then this class is for you! We will explore many areas of science and focus on how things work together, various "cycles" in science, as well as explore with STEM projects throughout the year. 

     We will have an interactive science notebook that you will create in class and this will become a key part of our daily class. 

Updated:  7-31-2017

STEM Project: Flashlight

Many thanks to Doug and Rose Rossana for bringing this amazing STEM project to our classroom! 

Mr. and Mrs. Rossana are the first parents to sign up for our parent lead STEM or STEAM activity days. I still have spots available! If you are interested please email me at

Email Mrs. Trent at: 

Welcome to

Mrs. Trent's Lab

Buckle up and hold on!  It's gonna be a bumpy ride

laugh  PARENTS NEEDED  laugh

Do you LOVE science?  Are you interested in STEM projects?  

Would you like to interract with your child during SCIENCE class?  

Then I Have a Place For You!

Please email me for an opportunity to sign up to participate in a STEM/STEAM class project.  There are limited spaces available. We will have one STEM/STEAM project/participation opportunity per quarter. As a STEM/STEAM Parent Leader, you will be responsible for putting together the STEM/STEAM activity (don't worry, I have resources available for you to review and will make myself available to help you plan/gather supplies) and lead the activity during class, hopefully with another parent or two to help. It's not too late! Contact me today!!!   ???????Email me at

Mrs. Trent's Planning Class Rotation Schedule

Monday - Library

Tuesday - Gym

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Computer

Friday - Rotation


1st Quarter - Library                             2nd Quarter - Gym

3rd Quarter - Music                              4th Quarter - Computer