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August 17, 2018

Welcome to Mrs. Trent's page! 

We are going to have an awesome year!  

If you are in my math classes you will want to keep an eye out for information posted near the Math Minion!  

If you are in my science/health classes you will want to keep an eye out for information in my Mad Science Lab towards the bottom of this page. 

As we approach the first day of school you will find more information here. 

You got this! 5th grade rocks! Let the fun begin!



Planning Period Rotation Schedule 

1st Quarter 

Monday - Library

Tuesday - Gym 

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Computers/Technology

Friday - Libray 

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Student Agendas are KEY to success in 5th grade!

Survival Tips for 5th Grade Math

You have to give it your all - don't be afraid to try!

         This year you will push yourself to a whole new level! We will explore new ideas, new thought                   processes and strategies, and explore concepts. We'll take it slow, we'll talk about it, we'll practice,           and we will "do the math".

You need to know your math facts, 1 through 12, all of them! 

         Knowing your math facts, by memory, is crucial to working through 5th grade math problems. If                 you do not know all of your math facts I strongly urge you to start practicing right now! You can                 make your own flash cards, you can buy a set of flash cards at a dollar store, and you can find                 plenty of online apps that allow you to test your math fact knowledge. We will not review math                   facts or spend time reviewing basic multiplication - you should have mastered these skills.

We will go through this math journey together - I promise!

         Math is a journey - and it is one I will lead you through. We will work together throughout the year             to develop your skills, open your mind, and explore math. Some of you may be afraid of math -                 that's ok! We'll work it out. Some of you may LOVE math - that's awesome! We will enahnce your             love of all things math. Some of you may feel math is hard and you can't do it - nonsense! You                CAN do it! And we will work on your skills to help you unlock the magical world of mathematics! 

Parents: Harrison County has adopted a new math curriculum this year by the name of, "Everyday Math". There are seveal online components to this new curriculum including components parents and students can access at home. Please be patient as this new system is implemented. Student and Parent log in, passwords, etc. will be sent home as they are made available. 

Welcome to

Mrs. Trent's Lab

Buckle up and hold on!  It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

warning mad science at work

Block Schedule - What You Need to Know

How it works:  Look at the letter and schedule you received from Johnson Administration. Your child will have "block schedule" on even and odd days as noted in the schedule.  

Why Block Schedule a Good Thing:  Block schedule allows us to devote a larger chunk of time to hands-on experiences in the classroom. Students will spend time exploring concepts, conducting experiments, gathering and creating data, and exploring possible solutions to their theories and questions. 

Still Can't Make Sense of the Block Schedule: No worries! Teachers are also adapting to the new schedule.  The 5th grade team spends several days working with students helping them to understand their rotations, their schedules, and how those schedules work.